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Personal security with My KNOX

A solution for employees looking to comply with their company's mobile security policies. Access confidential email and apps securely on your personal device.

Easy security with KNOX Express

Comprehensive device management solution ideal for enterprises looking to secure their mobile data, while respecting employees' privacy.

Top security with KNOX Premium

An end-to-end solution ideal for organizations where top security is a major concern.

High security with KNOX Workspace

An enterprise-level solution for IT professionals looking to protect data on employee devices while ensuring the privacy of users' personal data.


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KNOX Success Stories

Secure mobile environment for law enforcement

For law enforcement, device security is absolutely paramount. Officers need to know their mobile devices are secure to exchange details of investigations without the possibility that information will get into the wrong hands. The Abu Dhabi Police successfully deployed Samsung KNOX to its officers and staff, giving the force unparalleled security and the benefit of carrying one mobile device for both personal and police use.

Meeting the changing needs of enterprise mobile security

Like all businesses, oil and gas companies are under tremendous pressure to keep up with the ever-changing world of mobile security. Faced with supporting a wave of Samsung devices, LOTOS turned to Samsung KNOX to provide policy management, security, encryption, and device protection. Paired with an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution from FancyFon, LOTOS was able to deploy consistent policies and security settings to all Samsung in the organization.

Keeping sales teams connected, informed, and secure

C.A.C. Morocco represents high-end automakers in a very competitive sales market. It needed a solution to allow salespeople to store the latest sales materials securely on their own mobile devices. A solution that provided true mobile workforce effectiveness and security called for a suite of applications and tools that could adapt to the company’s needs — not vice versa.

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