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Bespoke software and binary customization on off-the-shelf devices

Transform commercial off-the-shelf devices into bespoke devices with direct Samsung consultation and engineering. Recommended for organizations and business projects that require full-fledged software and binary customization.

[Image] Custom fit for tactical & classified use

Custom fit for tactical & classified use

Set devices at the core of your tactical ecosystem and maximize mobility

  • Customize mobile devices to work with tactical peripherals, such as walkie-talkie, radio, or aerial drones.
  • Adjust device software to access private and highly-classified networks, including military-specific bandwidth.
  • Recognize and set the right policy for each connected peripheral with USB connection management.

Working with trusted tactical partners across the globe

[Image] Design device experience for business

Design device experience for business

Revolutionize device experience by fine-tuning devices for every need

  • Context-based and automated device control extending beyond the device. For example: 'Turn device on when vehicle door opens.'
  • Configurable touch sensitivity to match any environment, including glove use.
  • In-depth UX customization on off-the-shelf devices only available with Software Customization Services, including:
    • Total skip on account sign-in during setup wizard.
    • Enhanced HW key remapping options.
    • Hide SIM removal notification.
[Image] Enhanced maintenance & security

Enhanced maintenance & security

Extend the lifecycle of your customized and off-the-shelf devices

  • Maintenance release on customized software.
  • Extended & more frequent security maintenance releases for commercial off-the-shelf devices (up to 5 years).



See how mission-critical devices with custom software are serving military or government agency use.



Galaxy smartphones securely integrated with autos with in-depth software customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Samsung Galaxy devices built on the Knox platform can be utilized by the Samsung team developing your own customized software. For further details, please reach out to your local sales experts with the Contact Sales button below, or email

Please submit the Contact sales form below. After analyzing development requirements with the Samsung team, pricing and fulfillment methods will also be discussed.

We provide customization of device software which can be done only by Samsung, not by 3rd-party applications or software modifications. Changes that are difficult to implement or modify on regular commercial devices, such as software framework changes or driver removal, can be supported. Changes unrelated to Samsung software are not supported, such as developing a new business application, or modifying customized UX.

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