Knox Configure

Remotely configure Samsung devices in bulk and tailor them to specific needs, right out of the box

Create the ideal business tool for your organization with frictionless, out-of-the-box setup. Advanced device configuration tailors every granular aspect to your specific needs. 

[Image] Customized to your brand

Customized to your brand

Configure every device to display your own brand, without unpacking

  • Replace standard booting & shutting-down animations with your own.
  • Customize your home and lock screens to display your own images - including support for DeX mode screens.
  • Automatically deploy apps, content and shortcuts at the exact location of your choice on home screen.
[Image] Tailored user experience

Tailored user experience

Custom build every device to only work in the ways you want them to be used

  • Automatically launch key apps on every reboot.
  • Remap hardware keys - deliver quick app launch and commands in one touch.
  • Automatic device on-and-off based on power supply. When the power goes out, so does the screen. When the power returns, so does your device.
  • Multi-app mode or single app mode to use devices as dedicated kiosks.
[Image] Frictionless set-up

Frictionless set-up

Set-up all devices at boot-up and let users get straight to the action

  • Automated device provisioning when end users first start up devices.
  • Streamlined and faster device setup process.
    e.g. Skip setup wizard.
  • Pre-configure your default settings. Remove the need for user intervention.

Transforming online orders and delivery management for restaurants across the US.


Launching a premium children's phone to expand a telecom market share in South Korea.

Frequently Asked Questions

A trial for Knox Configure includes all features of this solution, with no restrictions. You can set up your Knox Configure account, create and customize your Knox Configure profiles, and assign your Knox Configure profiles to devices.

The trial license is valid for 90 days with a maximum of 30 devices for either Setup or Dynamic edition Knox Configure profile usage.

After your trial license key expires, continue using your Knox Configure profiles with a commercial license key.

You can purchase a commercial license from a Knox reseller supporting your geographic deployment region.

To use Knox Configure, you need supported Samsung devices running Knox version 2.7.1 or higher / Tizen version 2.3 or higher, purchased from a participating reseller in the Knox Deployment Program.

If you are not sure whether your reseller is participating in the program, contact the reseller or Samsung sales team for more information.

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