Knox Configure

Remotely configure Samsung devices in bulk and tailor them to specific needs, right out of the box

Create the ideal business tool for your organization with frictionless, out-of-the-box setup. Advanced device configuration tailors every granular aspect to your specific needs. 

[Image] Customized to your brand

Customized to your brand

Configure every device to display your own brand, without unpacking

  • Replace standard booting & shutting-down animations with your own.
  • Customize your home and lock screens to display your own images - including support for DeX mode screens.
  • Automatically deploy apps, content and shortcuts at the exact location of your choice on home screen.
[Image] Tailored user experience

Tailored user experience

Custom build every device to only work in the ways you want them to be used

  • Automatically launch key apps on every reboot.
  • Remap hardware keys - deliver quick app launch and commands in one touch.
  • Automatic device on-and-off based on power supply. When the power goes out, so does the screen. When the power returns, so does your device.
  • Multi-app mode or single app mode to use devices as dedicated kiosks.
[Image] Frictionless set-up

Frictionless set-up

Set-up all devices at boot-up and let users get straight to the action

  • Automated device provisioning when end users first start up devices.
  • Streamlined and faster device setup process.
    e.g. Skip setup wizard.
  • Pre-configure your default settings. Remove the need for user intervention.

Transforming online orders and delivery management for restaurants across the US.


Launching a premium children's phone to expand a telecom market share in South Korea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knox Configure is a cloud-based solution for customizing and staging Samsung devices remotely, right out of the box. It helps service and content providers rebrand and customize Samsung devices with a frictionless, out-of-the-box setup process. Advanced device configuration enables them to tailor every granular aspect to their specific needs and to transform devices into purpose-built appliances. For a comprehensive list of features, see Knox features on Android.

Two Knox Configure editions are available:


    • Setup edition is designed for a one-time deployment of apps and settings to enrolled devices without incremental updates. Within the license period, all settings remain even after a factory reset.
    • Dynamic edition is designed to deploy and update enrolled device policies as many times as needed without a factory reset. It includes all the policies and settings available in the setup edition as well as other enhancements such as Single/Multi ProKiosk mode, Profile push updates, and Unlimited app installation.


Knox Configure is supported on Samsung devices running Knox versions 3.0 and higher, and running Android 8 and higher.

Each Knox solution, including Knox Configure, supports the five most recent major Android versions. That is, the most recent version plus the four previous versions.

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