Samsung Knox Security

Built to protect

We empower people and organizations to utilize Samsung Galaxy devices without having to worry about security, letting them stay focused on what really matters.

Samsung Knox makes mobile security effortless

From secure hardware to real-time protection, and a comprehensive set of advanced security solutions. All you have to do is turn on your phone and go about your day.

[Icon] Designed and built secure

Designed and built secure

Samsung hardware is built secure—from the design to manufacturing to the moment we put it in your hands, and for years of use beyond. We seek to deliver security throughout all steps with our own supply chain, built from the chip up.

 [Icon] Open to evolve

Open to evolve

We strive to evolve our security solutions on a spirit of openness and partnership, starting with Android‘s proven multi-layered security and adding best-in-class technologies to address the constantly changing threat landscape.

 [Icon] Tools for your business

Tools for your business

We also create a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions that extend the value of Knox security for businesses even farther. Fully optimized for Samsung Galaxy devices, they put IT admins in control and let people do their work securely and productively.  

Hardware backed

Trust begins with hardware

Samsung security architecture has always been backed by advanced hardware solutions—and always will be. We build security into each device from the ground up to safeguard your most precious data.

Secured shield surrounding hardware component of a Samsung mobile device

Knox Vault

Safeguarding your most important credentials

Protect your most precious information— passwords, biometrics, PINs, crypto keys—from tampering, probing, side-channel attacks and fault injection. Knox Vault architecture is CC EAL 4/5+1 certified, with a dedicated security chip that only you can access.

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Warranty Bit

Access only when trusted

When Warranty Bit detects tampering, access to sensitive apps like Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, and your Android Work Profile will automatically be blocked to prevent misuse. IT can check Warranty Bit remotely using Knox Attestation, and utilize with other management policies.

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Secure Boot

Trusted from the boot up

Ensure device security with on-device, OS-independent integrity checks utilizing TrustZone. If the firmware was rooted or there were changes to system components, they can be found when the device boots up.

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Secure Supply Chain

Built by Samsung

Samsung is one of the few companies with strong control over the design and manufacture of its own products.2 This can ensure end-to-end security across the supply chain and throughout the product lifecycle.

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Secure Wi-Fi

Safety on public networks

Secure Wi-Fi feature is designed to let you browse the internet safely, even when you’re using unsecured, public Wi-Fi networks.4 It offers protection by encrypting internet traffic and blocking tracking apps, so you can feel safer connecting. Have visibility on your protection history in charts and lists, based on Wi-Fi names.

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SmartThings Find

Remote lock for lost devices

SmartThings Find doesn’t just help you locate your lost device. It can remotely lock, erase, or display customized messages at lock screen to secure your data and asset.5

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Data Encryption

Multi-layered encryption

When it comes to encryption, you have plenty of options. File-Based Encryption offers separate encryption keys by default. Or you can store materials in our Secure Folder using independent credentials.

Businesses can even secure Android Work Profile data using their specified cryptographic module with DualDAR.3

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Permission Manager

Protecting personal data privacy

Permission Manager gives you control over sensitive data like your photos or key functions where data can be leaked, such as the microphone, camera, and GPS. Live Indicator notifies users when apps access the camera or microphone.

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Data protection

Secured from the inside and out

Securing your device and data is a round-the-clock commitment. So we built a range of encryption options to guard your data at rest, and more ways to protect your data in transit.

In use on the phone, surfing the web, or even when your phone is misplaced, your data can be in safe hands.

Person holding Samsung device with binary code beneath an app screen overlay

Continuous protection

Knox never sleeps

Security threats lurk around every corner, and mobile devices are increasingly targeted with sophisticated attacks.

Knox counters these with threat management solutions that run throughout the usage cycle—keeping your digital journey worry-free.

Person sleeping in the dark next to a Samsung mobile device displaying an illuminated Knox logo.

App Security

Keeping malware at bay

Samsung Auto Blocker can stop the side-loading of apps from unknown sources, even if a user accidentally approves it. It can also block USB updates to prevent malicious software from being installed. Google Play Protect regularly scans downloaded apps to detect malware and spyware.

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Security Patch

Regular security updates for the long term

Samsung Galaxy devices, regardless of carrier, receive up to 7 years7 of security and OS updates. Application updates can also be automated from Google Play or Galaxy Store.

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App behaviors under control

Defeat Exploit (DEFEX) monitors abnormal app behaviors and takes action. If an app tries to make potentially dangerous requests such as privilege escalation on your device, DEFEX can automatically shut it down.

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Message Guard

Protecting against attacks through SMS/MMS

Samsung Message Guard neutralizes potential threats before they have a chance to do you any harm. It automatically isolates and decodes images in a sandbox so your device is unaffected.6

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Real-time Kernel Protection

Real-time protection

Knox constantly checks your core layers in real-time, keeping unauthorized attempts from accessing or changing the kernel. It also blocks malicious code from accessing system-level permissions.

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Knox Suite

Secure, deploy, manage, and analyze

Knox Suite is a comprehensive set of solutions made by Samsung and optimized for Galaxy devices.

  • Ensure compliance with company policies while maximizing worker productivity.
  • Designed for flexible use: As a standalone end-to-end EMM, or on top of your MDM/EMM for added controls on Galaxy.
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Android Work Profile

Keep work and play separated

Android Work Profile separates work and personal data on a single device, with dedicated work and personal profiles. Have security and control over company data while respecting employee privacy.

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Management and Configuration

Powerful mobile device management

Knox Platform for Enterprise is built into Galaxy devices, offering robust and flexible MDM/EMM controls for IT. These are accessible through Knox Suite or a wide range of EMMs using the Knox Service Plugin.

For industries with more stringent requirements, in-depth configuration may be explored for extra protection.

e.g. DualDAR, Hypervisor-based Device Manager (HDM): Peripheral device access control, and more.
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Security Center

Check security status on device fleet

Security Center offers detailed insights and visibility on your fleet’s security status. IT admins can maintain device health with early detection of vulnerabilities (CVEs), based on security patch levels and routine attestations.

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Galaxy AI

Business-friendly AI with data sovereignty

With Knox Platform for Enterprise, IT admins can set Galaxy AI features to run safely on-device only8, without cloud processing or storage.

Empower users with Galaxy AI productivity tools while protecting work data against leaks or misuse.

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Managed Security

Worry-free for work and play

Samsung Knox offers intuitive, yet granular controls to setup and manage devices to suit your organization’s need.

We empower IT admins to manage with confidence and help team members streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Person holding Samsung device switching between a note taking app and a content browsers

Zero Trust-ready devices and solutions by Samsung Knox

[Icon] Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune

Protect access to sensitive data with Knox Attestation

With mobile hardware-backed attestation, enterprises can verify a Galaxy device’s integrity before allowing access to corporate resources using Intune MAM.

[Icon] Cisco


Zero Trust Network Access supported on Galaxy devices

Cisco ZTNA on Galaxy devices provides users with role-based, least-privileged access to apps and resources. This protects corporate resources with minimized public exposure, while also granting quick access.

  1. Evaluation Assurance Lab certification from Common Criteria, an internationally recognized standard for security evaluation. Level of certification and specific architecture detail may vary by device model
  2. Manufacturing coverage may vary by model.
  3. DualDAR requires a separate license purchase.
  4. Secure Wi-Fi availability may very depending on the country, carrier, or network environment. Subscription required for usage exceeding default protection plan.
  5. Supported on Galaxy smartphones and tablets with at least Android 8, Galaxy Watch3 or higher, Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds Pro or higher, Galaxy Buds2 or higher. Support services may vary by country/region/carrier.
  6. Samsung Message Guard supports Samsung Message Guard supports protection against the following image formats: PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, ICO, WEBP, BMP, WBMP.

    Default messaging app varies by market. One UI 5.1 or higher.

  7. Up to 7 years, monthly update for 4 years and quarterly for 3 years. Applicable for Galaxy S24 and select later models, starting from the year of respective device model’s release. Specific details may vary by region and model.
  8. Galaxy AI features by Samsung will be provided for free until the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices. Availability of Galaxy AI features may vary by model or environment.