Harley-Davidson uses Samsung solution to manage crowd

The Czech unit of Harley-Davidson sought a way to better manage entrance lines at the 115th edition of the brand's annual Harley Days rally, a major event for Harley enthusiasts. In the past, event organizers issued paper tickets, which took time to process at the gates—especially when riders couldn’t easily find them.
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Throughout the world, Harley-Davidson unites people deeply, passionately and authentically. The power of its brand transcends cultures, gender, and age. Harley-Davidson is more than an iconic brand - it strives to ignite the fire within people on the many roads of the world.

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Avoiding congestion in a historic city

Each year Harley-Davidson Praha—the Czech unit of Harley-Davidson—hosts an annual Prague Harley Days event, which attracts Harley riders from throughout the Czech Republic and Europe. For the iconic brand's 115th anniversary celebration, Harley-Davison Praha (Klasic Moto a.s.) expected larger-than-usual attendance. The organization wanted to avoid adding to already-congested traffic in Prague, and were seeking to go digital to do this.

•  Organizers needed to improve a manual ticket-verification process. In the past Harley-Davidson Praha had issued paper tickets to Harley Days. This meant organizers had to take the time to manually check in each rider before they could enter the event grounds. It also meant that riders had to have tickets at hand—not easy when riding a motorcycle! The check-in process grew longer if riders couldn’t find their tickets, causing frustration.

•  Harley-Davidson needed a way to more effectively deploy event staff members to manage more than 110,000 visitors and 67,500 motorcycles from 77 countries. Organizers realized it was not going to be easy to position staff at the optimal gates or keep track of staff members' locations.

•  Any solution to manage the crowd at the gates had to be easy to use for the organization’s demographic, typically men aged 50 or older.

Two years before the event, organizers started to search for a solution that could simplify the process of checking in attendees and managing people at the 115th anniversary. “We knew checking people in manually with paper tickets would not work at the anniversary celebration in Prague,” says Michal Šesták, executive producer and project manager of Harley-Davidson Praha. “We knew we wanted to go digital, and the solution became obvious when we met with Samsung’s team.”


Phones customized with Knox Configure improve event logistics

Samsung supplied Harley-Davidson Praha with smartphones, and Samsung Knox Configure was the key to solving the organization's challenges. The group used Knox Configure to rebrand the phones for official organizational use and manage the devices throughout the event—making the phones a perfect match for Harley-Davidson’s needs.

•  Using Knox Configure, the organization converted the check-in phones into Harley-Davidson phones with branded content. The phones looked official with the Harley-Davidson logo prominent at boot-up and Harley-Davidson wallpaper on the home screen. All content was installed automatically over the air without having to physically interact with individual devices.

•  For attendees, Harley-Davidson also created a free mobile application to help built excitement around the event. Attendees could easily store their e-tickets, explore the event itinerary and map, and find tips on nearby biker trips. Riders needed only to show their phone screen at check-in. This was easier than trying to keep track of a paper ticket.

•  To enable this process, the event team needed to be certain its new ticket verification application was easily installed and automatically updated on staff phones.

•  Knox Configure made that happen: Harley-Davidson could upload the app to the central Knox Configure console, which would then deploy the app to all staff phones to the same precise location on each home screen.

•  Accessing the online Knox Configure console, event organizers could quickly see the location of staff members and determine how busy they were. Event staff could then be re-allocated to different parts of the event to better manage crowds.

Samsung simplified the entire process of customizing phones. When staff unboxed the phones, everything was already set up. That's because once the phones were registered on the cloud, Knox Configure enabled us to take care of the rest.

-Michal Šesták, Executive Producer and Project Manager of Harley-Davidson Praha

Event staff used the phones tailored with Knox Configure to quickly scan tickets and allow event attendees to easily check-in and enter the event. This made for an event that ran more smoothly and was more enjoyable for participants.

• Shorter wait times at event entrances

The organization was able to reduce congestion and minimize stress on event staff. Most riders were able to have their tickets verified without dismounting from their bikes to search for paper tickets. Riders love to stay on their rides, so attendees were happier.

• Improved resource management

Because event organizers used a cloud-based console to track staff location and assess wait-times, they could easily adjust staffing to provide additional help for congested areas. The central organizers were able to successfully control traffic to prevent long queues.

•  Increased attendee satisfaction

The new process directly influenced attendee satisfaction level. Access within a single app to digital maps, guides, tips, and most importantly—the e-ticket—enabled attendees to navigate the event more freely.

“Samsung simplified the entire process of customizing phones. When staff unboxed the phones, everything was already set up,” says Michal Šesták, executive producer and project manager of Harley-Davidson Praha. “That's because once the phones were registered on the cloud, Knox Configure enabled us to take care of the rest.”

The organizers of the event are so excited about how well this system worked that they will be using it again at this year’s Prague Harley Days.

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