Samsung Care+ for Business

Protect your business devices against accidental damage and mechanical breakdowns

Accidents happen, but that shouldn’t slow down your business. Samsung’s device protection plan gives your organization extended coverage for repairs and unexpected damage to your work devices.

Here's what's covered

[Icon] Hardware repairs

Hardware repairs

Get fast, convenient repairs using genuine Samsung parts, from our authorized technicians.

[Icon] Software coverage

Software coverage

If your device isn’t running smoothly, we’ll check and fix the issue.

[Icon] Battery replacement

Battery replacement

Stay powered with hassle-free battery replacements.

[Icon] Extended warranty

Extended warranty

Get longer support with a warranty that extends terms beyond basic coverage.

[Image] Samsung certified service

Samsung certified service

Parts and repairs brought to you direct from Samsung

  • Restore your device like brand-new with Samsung genuine parts.
  • Trusted service with expert technicians at Samsung’s authorized service centers.
[Image] Worry-free protection plan

Worry-free protection plan

Covering accidents you can’t foresee

  • Wide coverage on any unexpected damage, including accidental physical/liquid damages, total loss*, hardware issues or defects.
  • Longer support fit for business device lifecycle. Up to 3-year options for damage coverage including extended warranty.
[Image] Hassle-free process

Hassle-free process

Samsung recognizes every device covered. Get back up and running with ease

  • No additional proof or documentation required. Your devices and coverage are recognized at Samsung service centers.
  • Get repairs without hurdles. No need to decipher deductibles* or service fees*.
  • Save your time with free pick-up & delivery and on-site* repair service.
[Image] Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility

Monitor every device’s coverage and service status remotely from a dashboard

  • View every device with ease. Automatically updated from your reseller.
  • Manage service licenses. Activate, allot to devices, and check license terms.
  • Check service status at a glance, including number of open claims in progress or near completion.

Log in to access admin console

*Availability may vary by region

Frequently Asked Questions

Accidental damage is considered to be any unforeseen and unintentional physical damage that occurs due to handling errors, liquid or external events at a defined place and time, which stops the product working normally, meaning its usability or safety is affected. If customer’s accidental damage claim is accepted, we will choose to either authorize a repair, arrange a replacement (at our discretion) or pay for the cost of a replacement.

Samsung Care+ for Business provides repair/replacement services for all accidental damages from handling as well as electrical and mechanical breakdowns or malfunctions basically covered by warranty. The breakdown repair service is an extension of Samsung warranty and is only available for the 24/36-month service plan.

We highly recommend you buy it with new devices from Knox Deployment Program participating device resellers for coverage from day one.

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*May vary by region.

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[Icon] Technical support

Technical support

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