Knox Guard

Remotely control and lock Samsung devices to reduce financial risks

Guard your device payment plans and maintain control of the devices outside your reach. Enable protection schemes against fraud, theft or financial default across all devices straight out-of-the-box.


Recommended for:

Device resellers providing financing or subsidy plans

Insurance firms providing theft & loss protection products

Any channels seeking anti-theft solution for logistics or retail display

Organizations that need theft/asset protection for devices


* Depending on your business model, end user consent may be required. Please check with your organization's compliance before deployment.

[Image] Highly secure lock

Highly secure lock

With hardware-level security built from chip-up, Samsung devices are extra protected against fraud and theft

  • Block unauthorized firmware.
  • Block attempts to replace & modify official binary.
  • IMEI tamper proof.
  • Unaffected by unauthorized IMEI change with own secure, unique identifier.
  • Network bypass proof; restrict usage even when devices are offline.
  • Restrict malicious VPN/proxy attempts.
[Image] Granular restrictions

Granular restrictions

Wide range of flexible features to cover and react against every possible threats

  • Periodic and instant reminder notifications that are persistent and impossible to dismiss.
  • Restrict device functionalities such as outgoing/incoming call, binary flashing, USB/Bluetooth/NFC connection, etc.
  • Support for various device lock methods such as total device lockdown, SIM/offline status-based lock, and flexible lock/unlock options to support both postpaid and prepaid models.
[Image] Streamlined user experience

Streamlined user experience

Operate easily with integration options and customization features

  • No development required. Simply access Knox web console to turn on security features on your devices immediately.
  • Optional server integration with your legacy systems (supported using REST APIs).
  • Silent and automatic installation of a specific payment app right out-of-the-box.
  • Customization features for your device UX and messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a license key is required to use Knox Guard. Contact our sales team or your local Knox license reseller for purchase. Once purchased, access the Knox Guard console to enter your license key. After your devices are uploaded by Knox Deployment Program (KDP) device resellers with your Customer ID, the license is applied and activated automatically on the devices accepted into Knox Guard.

Once a device's payment status is set as completed, the Knox Guard client will be deactivated on the device and the device will no longer be tracked or controlled with Knox Guard.

A Knox Guard managed device can automatically lock itself to protect against malicious attacks. In such cases, you can unlock by deleting the device's IMEI from the Knox Guard console and rebooting the device. Before deleting the device, please ensure that there are no outstanding payments.

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