Knox Suite

Built for business.
Optimized for Samsung Galaxy.

An all-in-one solution designed to manage and secure work devices, from setup to usage. Also compatible with your UEM of choice.

Knox Suite makes Samsung Galaxy even more powerful for work, delivering seamless experiences that keep everyone connected, protected and productive.


Secure – Safeguard work devices and data

We created Knox Suite to work with the Samsung Galaxy devices we make, helping you neutralize security threats immediately.

security center security center
Keep track of how secure your device fleet is

Find vulnerabilities based on Android security patch levels, and perform routine attestation checks to verify the integrity of your devices.

security patch security patch
Enforce the latest security updates

Ensure all the devices in your fleet have the latest security patches no matter where they are, and with no user interaction required.

Remote Device Health Attestation Remote Device Health Attestation
Verify device integrity from afar

Detect unauthorized modifications to your devices, such as rooting, device ID tampering, and more—all without leaving your desk.

Deploy – Setup that’s simple and secure

Streamline device setup so employees can use work devices right out of the box. Our built-in chain of trust confirms a device’s integrity first

Effortless Device Onboarding Effortless Device Onboarding
Achieve quick and easy setup

Simplify the setup wizard, automate UEM sign-ins, and quickly set up Wi-Fi configurations.

ks-features-deploy-flexi-deployment-subtext Flexible Deployment
Discover a range of setup options

Our certified resellers automatically upload devices you purchase to your Knox services. Want to enroll individual devices? Use a QR code, either in the cloud or on-premises.

Secure Enrollment Secure Enrollment
Deploy with ease in secure environment

Once we verify each device through attestation, it’s enrolled through an agent hosted on your internal network—security certificates included.

Seamless Integration Seamless Integration
Enjoy full integration with Knox solutions

After enrollment, device information is seamlessly synced across all your Knox cloud solutions. Enjoy a unified device management experience right away.

Manage – Stay in control of your fleet

Get controls of large device fleets to manage consistent IT policies without interrupting workflows.

Managed OS Version Managed OS Version
Gain granular controls over OS versions

With our flexible controls, choose between OS versions and finetune update scheduling based on your enterprise’s needs. Updates can be rolled out in a phased approach to minimize disruptions.

App Management App Management
Take full control of the app lifecycle

Effortlessly distribute and manage apps across your fleet. Remotely configure app settings, perform seamless updates, and get insight into how apps are being used.

Event-based Policy Enforcement Event-based Policy Enforcement
Leverage event-driven policy enforcement

Enforce policies based on the time, location, network status, SIM changes, and more.  Need to disable the camera in a particular office location? There’s a policy for that.

Remote Device Lock Remote Device Lock
Secure devices from a distance

Take control of a device if it’s lost or stolen, with the ability to lock, suspend, or limit its use. You can even wipe the whole device or just the work container.

Cross Platform Support Cross Platform Support
Manage devices across multiple OSs

Easily manage endpoints across multiple platforms. Key EMM or UEM capabilities support major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iPad OS and Wear OS*.

*Supported versions may vary depending on the platform (Learn more)

Analyze – Make data-driven decisions with deep insights

Manage large device fleets with powerful data analytics. With more insight into Galaxy devices than anyone else, we can help you make smart decisions fast.

Device usage analysis Device usage analysis
Optimize device and app usage

Get deep insight into how your devices and apps are being used through an intuitive, customizable dashboard. You can also set work shifts to collect only the data you need.

  • Compare app metrics like battery consumption, screen time, the number of times an app was opened, and data usage.
  • Identify storage issues for devices nearing full storage capacity.
  • Monitor network usage with metrics like connectivity time, and data usage by network generation and carrier.
Location tracking Location tracking
Keep track of device locations

Use GPS-based location tracking to help you tightly manage assets and optimize workflows. Monitor the last-known location of devices on a map, and send commands to lost or stolen devices.

Issue analysis Issue analysis
Manage device performance proactively

Address potential issues before they disrupt operations, thanks to detailed insights into how your devices perform.

  • Monitor app performance for issues like no response, force close, and other abnormal events.
  • See issues like Wi-Fi disconnections and network latency at a glance.
  • Use our machine learning models to set thresholds for performance issues, and receive comprehensive reports through email.

Troubleshoot – Resolve issues remotely

Tackle device issues in real time with remote support tools at your fingertips.

Knox remote support Knox remote support
Simplify remote assistance

Remotely access employee devices for troubleshooting, regardless of their location*. Control the device screen directly, take screen captures or recordings, and even transfer files.

*Requires network connectivity

Log collection Log collection
Gather in-depth logs with ease

Collect detailed device logs for issue analysis, including debug and TCPdump logs. Quickly troubleshoot issues with a detailed summary of the device’s information, all on a single page.

Empower – Supercharge your workforce with tailored capabilities

Maximizing worker productivity is critical. We can tailor Samsung Galaxy devices to fit your workers’ needs.

Kiosk mode Kiosk mode
Transform devices into dedicated work tools

Lock devices to a specific business app so employees can use them without distraction. Use our Kiosk Wizard to easily build your own kiosk without added development costs.

Hardware Key remapping Hardware Key remapping
Customize the user experience for your business needs

Remap hardware keys on your devices to perform an app function, or to launch frequently-used features. Create your own intuitive interface for quicker workflows, or lock things down.

Barcode Scanning Barcode Scanning
Turn smartphones into barcode scanners

Transform your frontline workers’ mobile devices into powerful barcode scanners, eliminating the need for dedicated devices—boost both mobility and productivity.

Automation for Shared Device Sign-in Automation for Shared Device
Simplify device sharing in the field

Let frontline workers pick up any shared device and make it their own, with simple sign-in automation using biometrics. Secure device-to-device (D2D) syncing also saves valuable time and costs.

Try Knox Suite, free of charge

Manage up to 30 devices for 3 months.

Have more questions?

We’ll connect you with a Samsung Knox expert in your area.

Person viewing the Knox Admin Portal dashboard on a desktop monitor

Beyond its full-fledged UEM capabilities, Knox Suite can work with your existing third-party UEM solution to maximize how you use and manage your Galaxy devices.

What's included

With a single bundle that simplifies complex admin tasks, Knox Suite ensures everyone can get on with their work securely and efficiently.

Knox Platform for Enterprise

Government-grade security management features built for business

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Easily enroll corporate-owned and employee-owned devices in bulk

Knox Manage

Powerful cross-platform EMM optimized for Samsung devices


Test firmware versions and deploy them to devices on a schedule

Knox Asset Intelligence

Get actionable insights with in-depth data analytics

Knox Capture

Transform Samsung devices into powerful barcode scanners

Knox Authentication Manager

Unlock devices and auto-fill credentials with biometrics

Knox Remote Support

Make troubleshooting easier by controlling devices from a PC

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What the industry's saying about Knox Suite

Samsung named a Leader and Major Player in IDC MarketScape 2024 Vendor Assessments for UEM

left quote

Samsung's deep hardware integration with Samsung devices provides tightly integrated management, security, and analytics features for large device fleets of Samsung smartphones and tablets used widely by large enterprises and other organizations.

right quote

– IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management Software 2024 Vendor Assessment (doc #US51234224, April 2024)

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact the Knox Resellers in your country to purchase a Knox Suite license. To find the official Knox Suite resellers in your location, see the Knox Reseller Directory.

Yes. Settings and data are bound to the account — also known as a tenant — and will carry over from your trial account when you upgrade.

Yes. You can upgrade or switch to Knox Suite while using an individual Knox cloud service. After you purchase a Knox Suite license from a Samsung Knox reseller, for Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA you must update the license keys.

Knox Manage users - Replace your existing Knox Manage license key with the new Knox Suite license that you purchased. Select Knox Suite from the Organization or User settings pages. For more information, see Change a license in the Knox Manage documentation.

Knox E-FOTA users - Replace your existing Knox E-FOTA license with the new Knox Suite license that you purchased. To replace the license, go to the unified License Management page on the Knox Admin Portal, enter the new Knox Suite license key you’ve purchased, select your existing Knox E-FOTA license key and then select Replace with a new Knox Suite license key. For more information, see Manage Knox licenses in the Knox Admin Portal documentation.

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