Android Enterprise Recommended

Samsung’s participation in the program ensures Google’s customers have access to devices that offer outstanding security, efficiency and productivity and we look forward to working together more in the future.

– David Still, Managing Director of Android Enterprise, Google.

Samsung’s mobile enterprise solutions allowed us to work within the constructs of our infrastructure to easily integrate devices and ensure our business is always up and running. Their inclusion in the Android Enterprise Recommended program is further proof of the benefits Samsung can bring to enterprise businesses.

– Christian Lohde, Head of Android Experience, SAP SE

Galaxy devices

Galaxy devices

Android Enterprise Recommended Galaxy devices are validated by Google to meet specific requirements including hardware specs, consistent user experience for work profile and fully managed device provisioning, and transparency on security patches and major OS upgrade support.

Galaxy devices are also Secured by Knox - meaning the multi-layered security platform protects data throughout the device's entire lifecycle. The Knox platform extends the core security capabilities of Android Enterprise by adding enhanced and unique valued-added features such as Real-time Kernel Protection and Sensitive Data Protection.

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Knox Manage

Knox Manage

Knox Manage is Samsung’s cloud-based EMM solution that helps manage any Android, iOS, or Windows 10 device.

Knox Manage also fulfills Google requirements on Android Enterprise Recommended – enterprise feature readiness on core features and advanced management sets, demonstrated technical leadership, and enterprise level support.

In addition, Knox Manage is optimized for Galaxy devices and fully supports powerful Knox management features, such as remote support, easy customization with kiosk wizard, event-based policies, and DeX management.

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Android Enterprise Recommended

Android Enterprise Recommended offers an ecosystem of devices and services verified by Google against enterprise grade requirements for performance, consistency and security updates.

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