Knox Mobile Enrollment

Bulk device enrollment

Add thousands of Samsung devices to your enterprise at once, without having to manually enroll each one. Your users just power on their devices and connect to the network to enroll to your enterprise mobility management (MDM/EMM) provider.


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Fast and seamless deployment

Knox Mobile Enrollment is a zero-touch deployment service that allows you to quickly enroll large number of Android devices to your MDM/ EMM for corporate use. Once an IT admin registers a device with the service, the device user simply has to turn it on and connect to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G during the initial device setup process.
There’s no need for IMEI management and verification, and participating Knox Deployment Program resellers register your purchased devices on your behalf.


Enrolled devices can't be tampered with

Rest assured that your corporate devices stay that way. Even if a KME-enrolled device is factory reset, the MDM/EMM software will be automatically reinstalled and the user will be re-enrolled.


Out-of-the-box MDM/EMM enrollment

Automated MDM/EMM enrollment

Automatically sign in to MDM/EMM agents with user credentials provided by IT admin.

Streamlined device setup process

Skip unwanted setup steps, such as Google/Samsung/carrier account registration

Flexible options

Multiple MDM/EMM configurations

Manage multiple MDM/EMM profiles for different vendors and different enrollment settings

Automated MDM/EMM sign-in

Automatically sign in to MDM/EMM agents with user credentials provided by IT admin

High compatibility

Wide range of device models supported

Knox Mobile Enrollment is available on any Samsung Galaxy devices with Android Lollipop or greater

Almost all MDM/EMM solutions supported

Knox Mobile Enrollment works with almost all MDM/EMM services available in the market



SOC for Service Organizations: Trust Services Criteria (Type 2)


Server options

Server options

Supported locations

Supported locations

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Supported MDMs/EMMs

Supported MDMs/EMMs

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MDM/EMM partners

Use Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment with your existing mobility device management solution to easily install MDM/EMM clients on your employee devices to enroll users.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay or use a license key for Knox Mobile Enrollment?

Knox Mobile Enrollment is a free IT solution offered by Samsung and does not require a license key. Apply now to use the full-feature solution.

What are the prerequisites of using Knox Mobile Enrollment?

To use Knox Mobile Enrollment, you need supported Samsung devices running Knox version 2.4 or higher, purchased from a participating reseller in the Knox Deployment Program.


If you are not sure whether your reseller is participating in the program, contact the reseller or Samsung sales team for more information.


You will also need an MDM/EMM provider supporting the Knox Mobile Enrollment program.

What is a Knox Mobile Enrollment firewall exception?

The correct firewall exemptions are needed to extend beyond your local and protected network domain and securely connect to the Knox Mobile Enrollment server. For more information, see Knox Mobile Enrollment firewall exceptions.

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Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Manage help government agency safeguard election integrity.

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Postal service

Postal service company speeds delivery, reduces cost with Knox Manage and Knox Mobile Enrollment.

Technical Support

Technical support

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