Knox Mobile Enrollment

Easier device enrollment for both IT admins and device users

Add thousands of Samsung devices to your enterprise at once. No manual enrollment, fewer steps, automatically done even after factory reset. Your devices will enroll to your EMM/IT policies without hassle.

[Image] Seamless device setup

Seamless device setup

Bulk devices bought from certified device (KDP) resellers are automatically uploaded to the Knox server, so you can set up for enrollment right away. Simple, on-the-spot provisioning is also supported for other devices purchased separately with the Knox Deployment App, or via QR code scans.

Make setup easier for your end users too. Cut more than half the Setup Wizard steps including Wi-Fi setup. Have employee EMM accounts automatically logged in to each device. So your devices are quickly ready for your custom work environments.

[Image] Secure deployment options

Secure deployment options

Deploy with ease in secure, on-premise environments too. Knox Mobile Enrollment supports enrolling to locally-hosted EMM agents, so your security and performance is tightly kept. Even in on-premise environments with intranet only, use KME Direct — a PC application — to enroll and configure devices remotely.

For enhanced security, certificates can be automatically installed onto user devices before EMM enrollment. Automatically enable Dual Data-at-Rest* encryption on devices, so EMM Work Profiles are created with additional encryption.

*Dual DAR requires a separate license purchase

[Image] Optimized for the Samsung ecosystem

Optimized for the Samsung ecosystem

Knox Mobile Enrollment fully integrates with Samsung devices and Knox services. Leveraging the trusted Knox platform, remotely check device health status and ensure only secure, non-compromised devices are enrolled to your enterprise.

You can also use Single Sign-On to easily tap into other Knox cloud solutions, and access shared device repository.


Helping a national supermarket chain improve productivity and manageability.


Samsung helps Madeira schools improve classroom interaction and student success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knox Mobile Enrollment is a free IT solution offered by Samsung and does not require a license key. Apply now to use the full-feature solution.

To use Knox Mobile Enrollment, you need supported Samsung devices running Knox version 2.6 or higher, purchased from a participating reseller in the Knox Deployment Program. *Devices purchased elsewhere can be deployed in bulk by using Knox Deployment App or QR code. If you are not sure whether your reseller is participating in the program, contact the reseller or Samsung sales team for more information. You will also need an MDM/EMM provider supporting the Knox Mobile Enrollment program.

The correct firewall exemptions are needed to extend beyond your local and protected network domain and securely connect to the Knox Mobile Enrollment server. For more information, see Knox Mobile Enrollment firewall exceptions.

Knox Suite

Knox Mobile Enrollment is part of Knox Suite.


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