Knox Manage

Mobile management made easy

Manage a fleet of devices with a cloud-based EMM solution that increases business efficiency and secures corporate data. Knox Manage can manage any Android 5.0+, iOS 8+ or Windows 10 device, but offers expanded management and security features on Samsung devices integrated with the Knox platform.


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Quick and easy deployment

Knox Manage’s cloud-based command center empowers IT admins to remotely manage and configure device settings. It doesn’t require any system integration, empowering admins to quickly and easily set up their corporate environment.
Leveraging the Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment service, Knox Manage’s automatic client installation and enrollment, greatly decreases deployment time. And its built-in tools help users set up devices in kiosk mode with no additional development work.

Robust manageability

Smartphones are portable powerhouses, but with Knox Manage, an enterprise can restrict how these devices are used to prevent the leaking of confidential business data by employees performing unintended actions. More than 280 policies are available, including allowlisting and blocklisting apps or websites, as well as pushing required apps or files.
IT admins can also manage devices based on pre-defined events – for instance, blocking access to cameras on employee phones during work hours, or establishing an exception policy to a specific user for a certain length of time.

Event-based management

Apply different policy sets based on time, when a specific app is running, and more.

Device location tracking

With user permission, monitor device location periodically.

Restrict to work app

Knox Manage allows admins to lock the device to a specific app through kiosk mode.

Multi-OS support

Knox Manage supports a full range of Samsung devices on Android, as well as other smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

Comprehensive control

Real-time device monitoring allows IT admins to track the current GPS-based location of all managed devices (with employee consent), and message all device owners without needing their phone numbers.
If an employee encounters a problem while out of office, they can authorize IT admins to request direct access their device for easy troubleshooting. This allows IT admins to quickly help employees get back to work. And if a device is reported lost or stolen, IT can remotely locate it, lock it, reboot it, and wipe its content.



Quick and Easy Deployment

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Enroll bulk users automatically

Kiosk wizard

Create diverse kiosks using drag and drop components

Getting started guide

Get started with initial setup conveniently

Robust Manageability

Event-based Management

Apply a set of policies in particular circumstances

Cross-platform Support

Manage multi-OS devices from a single console

Differentiated Knox features

Supports Knox Platform for Enterprise features

Device Management

Control device features and configuration settings

Application Management

Set up policies and distribute apps for business use

Content Management

Distribute content over-the-air

Admin Management

Manage sub-admins and technical support admins

DeX Management

DeX mode and application configuration

Comprehensive Monitoring

Remote device lock/wipe

Remotely lock or wipe a device in case lost or stolen

Remote device support

Allows an admin to access devices remotely for troubleshooting and maintenance

Precise Compliance Check

Check policy compliance using customized alerts

Granular Firmware Management

Selectively control firmware updates using Knox E-FOTA


Server options

Server options

License types

License types

Monthly or yearly
Supported devices

Supported devices

Android 5.0+, iOS 8+, Windows 10
Supported locations

Supported locations

View all locations



Download the latest flyer for Knox Manage for feature highlights.

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Tech sheet

Download the latest tech sheet for Knox Manage to see a comprehensive list of features.

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Feature list

View the full feature list of Knox Manage.

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Video: Knox Manage for Android Enterprise

See how you can deploy a device in Knox Manage using Android Enterprise.

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Video: Knox Manage for Android Legacy

See how you can deploy a device in Knox Manage using Android Legacy.

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Get started

Get a 90-day free trial

Get access to the Knox Manage console and start a free full-feature trial.

Or purchase a commercial license

Purchase an annual license from your local Knox reseller.

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in my 90-day free trial?

A trial for Knox Manage includes all features of this solution, with no restrictions. You can set up your Knox Manage account, create device management and application management profiles, deploy and push profile updates to devices.


The trial license is valid for 90 days.

What happens when my trial ends?

After your trial license key expires, continue using your Knox Manage account with a commercial license key purchased from a Knox reseller.

What are the prerequisites of using Knox Manage?

For Knox Manage, you can use Android 5.0+, iOS 8+ and Windows 10 devices, but is most secure on Samsung Galaxy devices integrated with the Knox platform.

More questions?
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Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Manage help government agency safeguard election integrity.

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Postal service company speeds delivery, reduces cost with Knox Manage and Knox Mobile Enrollment.

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