Knox Manage

Powerful, yet flexible cross-platform EMM solution optimized for Samsung

Simplify the way you remotely manage your mobile fleet and empower your workforce to achieve more, in office or in field.
Designed to provide powerful management through easy-to-access UX, and optimized to fully leverage Samsung devices and solutions.


Samsung has been named a Leader and a Major Player in IDC MarketScape 2024 Vendor Assessments for UEM. Read our blog to see how Knox stands out from other UEM solutions.

[Image] Intuitive user experience

Intuitive user experience

Simple and straightforward user experience maximizes the productivity of your IT Admins

  • Onboarding made easy with a step-by-step Getting Started wizard
  • Advanced single- or multi-app kiosk features made intuitive with a drag-and-drop Kiosk wizard
  • Perform critical, key IT admin actions remotely with mobile console support
[Image] Fit for the office and the field

Fit for the office and the field

Powerful management tools unleash your field devices to do more

  • Periodic location tracking and recording for tight workflow and asset management
  • Remote access tool allows hands-on troubleshooting for devices out in the field
  • Market-leading kiosk-dedicated features and options - set your devices into single- or multi-app use mode only
  • Diverse event-based policy enforcements (e.g. specific time, location, network, roaming, SIM change) for your key
[Image] Empowered by Samsung

Empowered by Samsung

In sync with other Samsung services to maximize efficiency

  • Convenient cross-access and data sync with other Knox cloud services, such as Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox E-FOTA
  • End-to-end customer support on Samsung devices, OS, and solutions
  • Easy-to-use, fully integrated UX for Knox Platform for Enterprise features via Knox Service Plugin

Knox Manage is Android Enterprise Recommended and Chrome Enterprise Recommended

AER badge

Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google™-led program, offers an ecosystem of devices and services verified by Google against enterprise grade requirements for performance, consistency and security updates. Knox Manage is validated by Google against advanced Android Enterprise features for full device management, work profile management and dedicated device management sets.

Chromebook 7

Knox Manage is also Chrome Enterprise Recommended - verified by Google for its functionality, quality, and security in managing ChromeOS. Businesses can invest in and get the most out of ChromeOS with the confidence that Knox Manage is validated to support them.

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Google, Android, and Chrome are trademarks of Google LLC


2024 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management

See why Samsung was named a Major Player in worldwide Unified Endpoint Management Software.


Postal service

Postal service company speeds delivery, reduces cost with Knox Manage and Knox Mobile Enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A trial for Knox Manage includes all features of this solution, with no restrictions. You can set up your Knox Manage account, create device management and application management profiles, deploy and push profile updates to devices.

The trial license is valid for 90 days.

After your trial license key expires, continue using your Knox Manage account with a commercial license key purchased from a Knox reseller.

For Knox Manage, you can use Android 5.0+, iOS 8+ and Windows 10 devices, but is most secure on Samsung Galaxy devices integrated with the Knox platform.

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Technical support

Knox Suite

Knox Manage is part of Knox Suite.


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