Knox for DeviceCustomization

Mobile solutions for businesses and channels

Customize Samsung devices for almost any business purpose. Knox tools let you remotely configure our phones, tablets, and wearables in bulk.

[Image] Staging and Kitting

Staging and Kitting

Tools for device resellers and managed service providers

Configure a large number of devices with custom settings and business apps and make them out-of-the-box ready for end users. Supply different teams with devices ready for work. All done efficiently and inexpensively over the cloud.

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[Image] Rebranding


Tools for MVNOs (Mobile operators), content providers, and marketers

Samsung Galaxy devices make an enticing offer to your customers. Go one step further with Samsung Knox. Promote and embed your company’s brand on Samsung devices, including animated boot up screens, customized home and lock screens, your own apps.

With Samsung Knox, any off-the-shelf Samsung devices can turn into a special edition.

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[Image] Repurposing


Tools for educators, retailers, hospitality providers, and more.

Fulfill your unique use cases with Samsung devices and Knox customization capabilities, without heavy investment into dedicated gadgets.

Modify default device behaviour, and limit functionality to in-house apps for use in education, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and other industries.

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Bowflex personalizes the workout experience with AI and tablet video

Knox Configure

Knox Configure enables newspaper publishers to reinvent the subscription model.

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