Knox for Retail

Sophisticated device management for high-growth retailers

From the shop floor to the back office, increase productivity, improve efficiency, and ultimately, enhance your customer experience with Samsung Knox.

[Image] Deploy, manage, secure, and analyze - all with Knox Suite

Deploy, manage, secure, and analyze - all with Knox Suite

Intuitive user interfaces and step-by-step guidance make rolling out and managing devices a breeze

  • Simplified and streamlined out-of-the-box setup reduces time and need for user interaction.
  • Manage devices centrally – from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Quickly and remotely troubleshoot problems with Knox Remote Support.
  • Keep devices optimized with insightful and extensive analytics.
[Image] Improve productivity with fully optimized devices

Improve productivity with fully optimized devices

Transform these devices into exactly what you need

  • Utilize phones as smart barcode scanners.
  • Create intuitive UX by remapping hardware keys to launch frequently used features.
  • Use one device for work and personal, and rest easy knowing the device protects company data.
  • Transform the mobile experience into a PC-like one by connecting a phone to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
[Image] Work-ready devices for every business need

Work-ready devices for every business need

Ruggedized wearables for bustling warehouses, sales-ready tablets for customer orders: Samsung has devices for every retail environment

  • Choose from a wide range of Galaxy devices, from rugged to performance-focused Ultra devices.
  • Extended product lifecycles mean devices are available for at least two years.
  • Your data is secured from the chip up, with up to five years of security updates.
  • One year free access to Knox Suite is included.

How Samsung Knox can kickstart digitalization across retail businesses of all shapes and sizes

Experience the benefits of digitalization

Capitalizing on the benefits of digitalization doesn’t have to be hard. Knox Suite’s simplified, step-by-step enrollment process makes setting up, managing, and securing work devices quick and easy. These devices can be locked, tracked, and located remotely while maintaining privacy compliance.

Pairing devices for improved productivity

Connecting your front-office staff with your back-office ensures operations run smoothly and effortlessly. Teams collaborate better when all they need is in their hands – remap device buttons to launch powerful productivity apps. Of course, you can enjoy all the features of Knox Suite such as simplified enrollment and remote location tracking as well.

Supercharge your business intelligence

Datafication is powering the next generation of retail. Your business can harness data to gain valuable customer and operational insights by transforming dozens or even hundreds of Galaxy smartphones into powerful inventory management tools and state-of-the-art barcode scanners.

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