Samsung E-FOTA

Control OS versions

It’s tough managing a fleet of devices when your employees are on different OS versions. Some older versions are vulnerable to security issues, yet the latest one may not be optimized for your in-house software. The Samsung Enterprise FOTA (E-FOTA) solution allows businesses to remotely control OS updates by enforcing version updates only confirmed by the IT admin.

Samsung Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air is an enterprise solution that controls OS versions on Samsung mobile devices to maximize cost efficiency. Ensure latest security patches are deployed to devices on schedule. IT admins can test updates before deployment, ensuring compatibility between in-house apps and new OS versions.

Selectively update OS versions

With Samsung E-FOTA, IT admins can choose an OS version to ensure compatibility with in-house apps. Without this service, OS updates are either blocked, or only allowed for upgrades to the latest version.

No user interaction needed

IT admins can update device OS versions without interrupting end-users. This enables IT admins to control OS versions on unattended devices as well.

Schedule updates

IT admins can schedule OS updates for a set time and date to prevent business interruptions. If an emergency security issue arises, latest security patches are immediately deployed.

*E-FOTA only guarantees that the firmware update will start at a specified time and does not guarantee the OS update duration time or end time.

Forced update to target devices

IT admins can force OS updates to all of their devices. This allows for efficient device management, as all employee devices consistently run the same OS version.



Selective OS version

Select a certain OS version to be pushed

Group management

Group-based OS update

Scheduled update

Set specific date and time of OS update

Retry setting

Control the action on update failure

Forced update

Ensure same OS version is pushed to all devices

Silent update

Push OS to devices without any user interaction

Mobile network setting

Balance network load

Wi-Fi only mode

Download and update only in Wi-Fi mode


Server options

Server options

Cloud or on-premise
License types

License types

Supported Countries

Supported Countries

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Have any more questions?
View Samsung E-FOTA FAQs
Have any more questions?
View Samsung E-FOTA FAQs

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