Transforming online orders and delivery management for restaurants across the US

Los Angeles-based Ordermark helps restaurants reach their full online potential by consolidating orders from third-party platforms into one universal menu. Restaurant kitchens can be organized chaos. Ordermark needed a flexible interface that could keep up with the intensity of a kitchen environment, providing a simplified setup process for thousands of devices in order to scale up their business, while ensuring there was no misuse of devices.
About the company
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Company size: Medium
  • Location: United States

Ordermark addresses a growing challenge faced by restaurants—consolidate multiple online ordering platforms onto one universal menu, thus simplifying the ordering process and helping customers more easily adapt to evolving trends in dining.

Knox solutions used
Knox Configure

Finding a robust and scalable solution for fast-paced businesses

A robust device was needed that endured the high-touch environment typical of a busy restaurant, maximizing support while minimizing issues.

Scalability previously took 7-14 days. As Ordermark sought to scale their business, this posed a tremendous challenge, requiring thousands of devices to be distributed and implemented.

Securing each touchpoint was a continued challenge. Ordermark needed to ensure that there was no misuse or abuse of devices while finding a way to manage devices from a single centralized point.


Off-the-shelf excellence, powered by Knox

Ordermark required a hardware and software solution that allowed them to keep up with ever-growing demand. The Samsung Tab A was chosen as the ideal hardware solution due to its clear, colorful display that could easily withstand the rigors of kitchen life while flexibly managing the demands of printers and barcode scanners.

From a software standpoint, Samsung Knox Configure was chosen due to its scalable device setup and automated provisioning, ideal for out-of-the box solutions. In a matter of hours, Samsung Knox configured and deployed devices, transforming thousands of off-the-shelf smartphones into purpose-built solutions.

IT teams could now remotely manage multiple devices from a central location, allowing them to create profiles, specify device settings, install work apps, and customize their devices’ look and feel. Whereas restaurant owners could simply power up their device and connect to the internet. The device would then automatically download preconfigured profiles with individual settings and business applications. This resulted in a tailored off-the-shelf device that met the specific requirements for Ordermark and their customers.

Ordermark’s CEO, Alex Canter

Ordermark Samsung tablet

One great feature of Knox is that it restricts which apps are available on the device. That way, we were able to safeguard ourselves against unexpected data charges from streaming, video, music and other apps unrelated to the workplace while having employees concentrate more on their work.

In addition, our IT teams could lock devices remotely if stolen and block OS version updates so that all of our business apps continued to work seamlessly.

-Bruce Crenshaw, Director of IT & Hardware at Ordermark

In partnership with Samsung, Ordermark helped to drive an e-commerce revolution for restaurants across the US, through:

Easy deployment and configuration

  • Once connected, Knox recognizes the device assigned to a company and loads all applications, settings, and policies on the device.
  • Customers get same day implementation versus to 7–14 days after joining.

Improved reliability

  • Custom configuration through a centralized, intuitive web console.
  • Greater scalability nationwide for multi-site customers and chains.
  • Secure user rights management and streamlined devices access. 

Greater cost savings

  • Less time spent on device setup and issue resolution for IT staff.
  • Reduced labor costs due to streamlined device deployment and system entry without the need to unbox.
  • Remotely handled routine maintenance from one location.
Quick & simple device tailoring
Remotely configure a large number of devices and tailor them to specific needs.
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