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A special online event for business partners, enterprise customers, and consumers around the world

The world is a different place today. We may not have reached The New Normal yet, but we’ve all seen tremendous changes in society, especially as people are increasingly working from home.
We’ve created our Samsung Together event to stay in touch with you and keep you up to date on the latest trends and offer some insights regarding innovations that may be helpful to you. You’ll also hear from industry experts on some of the key challenges companies are facing today.

What’s inside:

Samsung Together VII
  • Welcome: KC Choi, Head of Global Mobile B2B Business for Samsung.
  • Mobility trends and challenges in the government sector: A fireside discussion on mobility trends and strategies in the government sector with industry-leading experts.
  • Why Samsung for government?
    How does Samsung make government more secure?
    • The Excellence of Knox Security with Daniel Ahn (Head of Global Mobile Security for Samsung) and industry professionals.
    • Digital Sovereignty with Electronic ID with Steffen Ganders (Head of Corporate Affairs for Samsung Deutschland).
    What is Samsung doing for government?
    • COVID-19 Solutions and Use Cases with James Pak (VP of Global B2B Product Management for Samsung).
    • and Chris Balcik (Head of Mobile B2B Sales for Samsung US).
  • Wrap-up: Final remarks by WK Kim, Head of Global Public Affairs for Samsung.

Samsung Together VI
  • Welcome: Don Callahan, Executive Advisor for Samsung.
  • How banks work for mobility:
    • A new way of working for bankers with Edward Choi (Samsung Mobile B2B Strategic Alliances).
    • Mobile banking solutions powered by Samsung DeX & Knox with David Kim (VP of Samsung Global Enterprise Sales & Strategic Alliances).
  • Exploring the needs of the financial industry with leading experts: A fireside chat discussion on emerging trends in the financial sector.
  • Wrap-up: Final comments and observations from the head of Samsung’s Global Mobile B2B Business.

Samsung Together V
  • Welcome: James Pak, Corporate Vice President, Samsung B2B Product Management Group.
  • Galaxy Enterprise Edition Best Practices: Sharing use cases from our global partners with DaHyun Kim from the Samsung Mobile B2B Team.
  • All you need to know about Galaxy Enterprise Edition: Experts respond to questions with an in-depth look at Galaxy Enterprise Edition's 3 key aspects - PLC, SMR, and Knox Suite. Hear about our continued commitment to:
    • Ensuring consistency and visibility with guaranteed PLC from Eric Shin (Samsung B2B Product Manager).
    • Protecting Enterprise devices through timely SMRs from Shin-Chul Baik (Lead of B2B Security Assessment & Management).
    • Providing device security with Knox Suite from Nick Dawson (Global Head of B2B Solutions).
  • Wrap-up: Closing remarks from KC Choi, the head of Samsung’s Global Mobile B2B Business.

Samsung Together IV
  • Welcome: KC Choi, EVP, Samsung Global Mobile B2B Business.
  • All new, all rugged: An introduction to Galaxy Tab Active3 and its enhanced rugged features.
  • Exploring new possibilities: Corp VP, James Pak leads a Q&A with partners from around the world on Galaxy Tab Active 3’s new features.
  • Note 20 for Business: Samsung product manager Eric Shin talks about the new Galaxy Note 20 and demonstrates it can boost productivity and collaboration securely.
  • Wrap-up: KC Choi closes the event with a brief preview of what’s to come in the next Samsung Together.

Samsung Together III
  • Welcome: Jack Ahn, Vice President, Samsung Global Mobile B2B Business.
  • Solutions that help: Samsung DeX Deep Dive - Samsung product managers Kevin Tobin and Michael(Minchul) Kim show you how to activate Samsung DeX to turn your Samsung phone into a large screen mobile workstation.
  • Insight from the frontline: Jack Ahn speaks with Abhay Kulkarni, VP of Webex Meetings for Cisco, to discuss the partnership and how seamless it is for Webex users to multitask with Samsung DeX.

Samsung Together II
  • Welcome: K.C. Choi, Executive Vice President, Samsung Global Mobile B2B Business.
  • Solutions that help: Examining Samsung’s new social distancing wearable solution, with Samsung’s James Pak and Kevin Tobin.
  • Insight from the frontline: KC Choi talks with Ford’s Global Chief Engineer Mike Mikula about the collaboration and how they are working to keep workers safe.
  • Wrap-up: KC Choi closes out the event with a look ahead.

Samsung Together I
  • Greetings: K.C. Choi, Executive Vice President, Samsung Global Mobile B2B Business.
  • Session 1: Examining peace of mind - Samsung executives James Pak and Nick Dawson discuss the company’s approach to helping customers navigate the steepest obstacles.
  • Session 2: Fireside chat - industry experts from IBM and Microsoft offer calm perspective on pressing business challenges.

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