December 16, 2019

What’s new in Knox 3.4.1?

Daljot Singh

Samsung Knox 3.4.1 is out and it comes with feature improvements as well as consolidation of APIs. This release increases capabilities and optimizes performance of the Knox SDK.


Remote support enhancements

Remote control (RC) is one of the features provided by Knox SDK, which lets you view and control devices remotely. This functionality comes very handy, especially with during troubleshooting operations. There are following two enhancements to this feature:

  • DeX Remote Control: RC now supports the DeX mode and user can choose to view the device screen only, the DeX screen only, or the device and DeX screens together. With the new shared buffer technology, this feature is available from Knox 3.4.1 onwards.
  • Remote Control for Work Profile: Previously, Work Profile was not accessible by default through RC due to security restrictions. Knox 3.4.1 removes this default restriction for Work Profile and makes it applicable only to Premium Work Profile. Users can remove this restriction from the Premium Work Profile by calling an advanced API as described in the documentation.


Android Enterprise harmonization

Our continuous effort is to standardize official terms with the market. Following this trend, we have renamed the Workspace container to Work. On the devices using Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE), tabs on these devices will change from ‘Personal’ and ‘Workspace’ to ‘Personal’ and ‘Work’.


Deprecated features

In our attempt to optimize our operations and focus on products which substantially affect our customers, we have deprecated some features that are no longer meeting our customer’s needs. This process will help us converge our resources to deliver more value to our users.

Following low use KPE features are deprecated starting Knox 3.4.1 onwards:

  • Samsung Single Sign On (Kerberos)
  • Knox container unlock using AD
  • Knox Shared Device
  • Knox Cloud SDK
  • Install apps (is no longer available due to security reasons)

To read more about this feature deprecation, read the blog post Samsung Deprecating Low-Use KPE Features.


Deprecated APIs

To improve SDK usability and maintainability, we have reduced the number of APIs available within the Knox SDK. This process will help us focus on improving quality and usability of our SDK.

Follow the blog on Deprecation of APIs in Knox 3.4.1 to learn more about the API deprecation.



  • Old SDK namespace no longer supported—As mentioned in our Reminder to transition from the old namespaces blog, new Samsung devices running the Android 10 (Q) operating system no longer support our old SDK namespace. For info about migrating apps from the old to new SDKs and namespaces, see the migration intro.
  • Apps must handle runtime permissions—As mentioned in our Changes to dangerous permissions in Android Q blog post, apps must now handle dangerous permissions in runtime as Android 10 (Q) no longer supports the workaround that we introduced in Android 6 (M).


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