March 11, 2023

UAT environment to test Samsung Knox products and features

Samsung Knox Team
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We’d like to announce a dedicated environment of Knox cloud services which will provide you early access to the updated client, as well as new and updated features of Knox cloud services. By using the Knox User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment, you can:

  • Ensure that the newest Knox client is compatible with your production devices
  • Get early access to upcoming Knox features
  • Identify and report any critical issues in advance prior to production deployment

UAT environment is available to you for testing approximately two weeks before the next product deployment of Knox Cloud Services:

  • March 9th PST: Updated server and client version for KCS 23.03 can start being tested
  • March 22nd PDT: Production deployment for the KCS 23.03 release

We invite you to test our latest Samsung Knox products and features using the UAT environment. For details on getting started, including registering for the UAT environment, managing licenses, and registering devices, please read our admin guide.

We greatly look forward to your active participation in the Knox User Accepting Testing.