January 30, 2023

Streamline on-premises deployment with Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct

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With digital transformation in workplaces comes the need to manage employee devices, where each device needs to safely and securely connect to a web of interconnected services, networks, and servers. How can workplaces ensure the that these devices are verified with proper permission and logins? How can they load job-specific apps, and unlock the correct email and team communication channels, all while protecting critical company data and securing sensitive information?

One way to ensure that devices are set up correctly is to enrol each device in the required programs and services before it’s issued to an employee. This ensures that each device can operate as necessary within your business and gives employees the permissions, applications, and information they need to do their job correctly. However, manually setting up hundreds or even thousands of devices is prohibitively effort-intensive, and setup wizards that use manual logins can be time-consuming, delay employee onboarding, and waste IT departments’ time and resources.

Data protection is also a crucial aspect of modern business. With legal and ethical requirements to consider, companies must be aware of their data and ensure that it’s only accessible to authorized parties. For highly regulated organizations, however, such as governments, utilities, or military and security industries, data security is so important that they may even maintain a private network separately to protect against possible cyber security attacks. For these companies, cloud-based or internet solutions are potential security risks. The most secure option has always been to manually set up devices—a slow and costly task that can result in compromised security and staff downtime.


On-premises solution - KME Direct

Striking the perfect balance between ease of enrollment, security, and efficiency can be hard, which is why we’ve created Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) Direct. KME Direct is the on-premise edition of Samsung’s cloud-based KME service, an automated and streamlined cloud EMM enrollment tool that enables you to set up, enroll, and provision thousands of devices quickly and easily for both IT admins and end users. KME Direct combines KME’s ease of setting up and enrolling thousands of corporate-owned devices with the additional layers of security provided by a closed network or on-premise environment.

KME Direct delivers all of the benefits of KME and more, with the added protection that highly regulated customers demand by allowing enrollment of devices onsite and from within closed private networks.


Powerful, simple device enrollment

With KME Direct, highly regulated customers can set up multiple devices smoothly, securely, and automatically with all of the correct permissions, logins and verifications available on device startup. In addition, KME Direct can automate, replace, and improve upon all the facilities of the set-up wizard and manual user logins, speeding up enrollment without compromising security.

All settings required can be easily and automatically installed by the user after they unbox the device by simply scanning a QR code created by your organization’s IT admin. Using KME Direct, IT admins can also set up Wi-Fi, Access Point Name (APN), roaming, screen timeout and brightness settings, hardware key remapping, and frequently used applications such as push-to-talk (PTT) and work apps. This helps to dramatically shorten the tedious process of initial device configuration for both device users and staging departments.

Usually when enrolling thousands of devices at a time, downloading critical components such as an EMM client and device applications can take a long time due to bandwidth limitations. As an on-premise solution, KME Direct saves time by working within a complete intranet and local network, thus expediting the overall enrollment speed. IT admins can also speed up the enrollment process by creating multiple enrollment configuration profiles for each device use case and share these with the device users as needed, allowing them to tailor devices for various roles in the business.

Devices enrolled with KME Direct are ready to go from device startup for the first time, so security certificates and applications can be pushed and installed on a device, even after a factory reset without any user input. This eliminates opportunities for human error or cyberattacks during the setup stage. IT admins can use advanced Samsung Knox security features such as dual encryption for a work profile with Knox DualDAR, or apply corporate Wi-Fi firewall policies across devices based on non-randomized MAC addresses, further hampering attempts by outsiders to use the device to access company information.


Protect your data, your devices and your business

Whether you’re enrolling a single device or thousands of them, KME Direct is a simple and fast on-premises solution. It saves time and money, enhances security and improves interoperability within your organization.

KME Direct with its seamless device setup, and secure deployment options that is optimized for the Samsung ecosystem, it helps workplaces to enroll and apply IT policies to thousands of devices without any hassle.


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Want to know more about Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct, see https://www.samsungknox.com/en/solutions/it-solutions/knox-mobile-enrollment.

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