March 24, 2023

Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) Licensing Update

Samsung Knox Team
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Samsung's Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) extends beyond the core security and management functions embedded in the Android operating system. KPE protects Samsung devices with advanced security and management features that are more granular than standard Android features.

KPE licenses are designed to be activated and managed from within your existing enterprise mobility management (EMM) or unified endpoint management (UEM) solution, and are also included as part of Samsung Knox Suite.

Currently, there are two types of KPE licenses - Standard, for basic KPE features, and Premium, for premium features. Typically, EMM and UEM partners activate Standard licenses, and customers activate Premium licenses. However, to simplify the KPE licensing model and improve customer satisfaction, Samsung plans to extend the KPE premium features to all users. Samsung believes it is now more important than ever to provide advanced protection to all Samsung B2B customers.

Starting from March 2023, we are taking steps to simplify the KPE license structure by eliminating the Standard license tier, and recommend that EMM partners activate KPE Premium licenses to enjoy the value-added features available with a KPE Premium license. Please work with your EMM/UEM provider in the coming weeks to accommodate this license change and reap the benefits of the KPE Premium features.

* Please note that specialized KPE licenses such as Knox Dual DAR still exist separately, and are under a different paid license structure.

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