September 30, 2022

Knox Release Highlights - September 2022

Samsung Knox Team


  1. [KAI] Knox Asset Intelligence minor release
  2. [KM] Knox video training series: How to configure kiosk mode on Knox Manage published to YouTube

Product Updates

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Release Date

Knox Asset Intelligence

September minor release

A minor update to Knox Asset Intelligence implemented additional features for testing device connection and network health:

  • Both the Knox Asset Intelligence console and agent now allow for latency tests on device during work shifts. On the console, the IT admin can configure a web address and port to use as a destination. In the agent, under, Wi-Fi > Test, the device user can send the new Ping command, which measures the latency to the server. This is a beta feature subject to further feedback and improvement.
  • IT admins can now track mobile data disconnection events on device, as well as the incidence of high latency in ping tests during work shifts.

September 2022

Knox Manage


“How to configure kiosk mode on Knox Manage” - This video walks you through the simple steps of configuring a Kiosk profile and applying it to your enterprise devices using Knox Manage.

28th September 2022

Knox Guard


Total number of devices for bulk notificaiton increased

Previously, the maximum number of devices that could be sent a bulk notification at once was 10,000. With the 22.08 release, this limit is increased to 50,000.

See Send overdue notifications in bulk for more information.

6th September 2022

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