March 31, 2020

Knox Release Highlights - March 2020

Samsung Knox Team

We are excited to share the past month's release highlights, upcoming releases and features, and content highlights of March 2020.

Release highlights

  1. [Knox Suite] Launch expected by end April 2020, to include Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, Knox Platform for Enterprise and Knox E-FOTA. Knox Configure functionality available through Knox Manage & Knox Service Plugin over time
  2. [Knox Suite & Enterprise Edition] Enterprise Edition devices to have Knox Suite as the Software bundle by end June 2020. Existing software bundle of Knox Configure & Knox E-FOTA on MDM will still be an option
  3. [Knox Manage] Samsung Knox Manage v20.2 was released on Feb. 27, 2020; release note available here
  4. [Knox Manage] Knox Manage Latest EMM agent version:
    • Android: 20.2 (
    • iOS: 20.02
  5. [Knox E-FOTA] Knox E-FOTA One now in G.A – Will update with Knox Cloud Services family going forward
  6. [Managed Service Provider] Knox Managed Service Provider Portal launched with Knox Cloud Services 1.28 release
  7. [Knox Cloud Services] Update 1.29 de-scoped due to COVID-19
    • In 1.29: Knox E-FOTA, Reseller Portal
    • Deferred to 1.30: Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Configure, Managed Service Provider


Upcoming releases and features

Knox Product



Release Date





vdm-11.2- samsungb2b-


No feature updates

Factory reset is now allowed by default

By default, end users can now perform a factory reset on devices managed by Knox E- FOTA Advanced. A user might perform a factory reset to resolve a technical issue with their phone, for example. To learn how to change this setting, see Manage devices: Set factory reset restrictions

Jan. 6, 2020


Update Summary:

  • Error fix: sub. domain deletion
  • Error fix: friendly name option in campaign creation
  • Error fix: device group creation
  • Error fix: 'allow new devices to be added' function in campaign creation
  • Error fix: device registration
  • Performance enhancement: 'Export Report' function on device list table

Feb. 16, 2020

Knox Manage


Knox Suite G/A

  • Knox Suite license integration
  • Secure Browser
  • Boot Animation management

KSP (Knox Service Plugin) support

  • Premium feature support

Apr. 23, 2020

Knox Suite


  • License Integration in Knox Manage
  • SSO Login through Samsung Account

Apr. 23, 2020

Knox Mobile Enrollment


1.29 deferred

  • Exact 1.30 feature set TBC

Apr. 22, 2020

Knox Configure


1.29 deferred

1.29 for Knox Deployment Program only

Exact 1.30 feature set TBC

Knox Deployment Program enhancements:

Exact 1.29 feature set TBC

Mar. 25, 2020

Apr. 22, 2020

Knox Platform for Enterprise




  • Android 10 release for S20 device
  • Next Note flagship
  • Android R release

Feb. 01, 2020

Q3 2020

Q4 2020

Knox Service Plugin



  • Device user inactivity detection 
  • Hard key mapping 
  • Configure roam trigger, duration and delta
  • Disable blacklisting of SSID
  • Disable DHCP check & renewal
  • Disable 2nd SIM
  • WIPS config
  • VPN over tethered connection

Feb. 01, 2020


Knox E-FOTA One


Release of Knox E-FOTA to General Availability – No release Notes available.

Backlog issues from BETA being worked on:

  • Firmware sorting improvement (Planned at 1.30 release)
  • EMM disconnection workflow improvement
  • New feature release management (i.e. block the new feature apply to the customer console, New apk client update)
  • Support multi-UEM connection
  • Postpone (incl. timer) duration update (Planned at 1.29 release)


Internal backlog of issues also TBC.

Mar. 25, 2020

Knox Managed Service Providers Portal


1.29 deferred

  • Exact 1.30 feature set TBC

Apr. 22, 2020


Content highlights

[Knox Manage]

How does Knox Manage secure your growing mobile fleet? 

[Knox Premium/Knox Manage]

End-of-Service notice – Knox Premium (SDS IAM&EMM) 

[Knox Platform for Enterprise]

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S20: Our most secure device yet 

[Knox E-FOTA]

Announcing Samsung E-FOTA One for improved OS management

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