May 25, 2020

Introducing a special online event, Samsung Together

Samsung Business

Connect with us during these extraordinary times

On April 28th, the Samsung Business team held the first episode of our Samsung Together event with customers and partners around the world. Samsung Together is our way of reaching out to you and offering insights and analysis on how we’re handling the crisis, as well as solutions and best practices that can help you as you get up and running once again. Our first preference is always to meet you directly in your market, but COVID-19 has brought special challenges to us all.

The theme of our first episode is, “Stay Apart, Stay Together”. Changes exist across industries, and the pace of change is fast and unrelenting. Take the public sector, for instance. Government workers require secure and classified communications in any condition, making our secure Knox platform and its versatile Knox solutions more important than ever. Referring to these changes through a number of industries, Samsung’s enterprise leadership and experts discuss our vision for the new mobile economy, and our capacity to support partners and clients.

The event also includes a fireside chat between senior industry executives from Samsung, and key partners such as Microsoft and IBM offer insights and analysis on what they’re seeing throughout the marketplace, offering a calm perspective to themes such as the New Normal and data security.

Stay tuned for more Samsung Together events throughout the year. Overseas travel remains difficult, but we want to keep the conversation going with you.

In our next event, we’ll look at a very unique social distancing solution that we created together with a valued customer using a Secured by Knox device and our partner’s great solution.

Stay strong and stay together with the Samsung team. In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen it, you can access our first Samsung Together episode here.