July 3, 2019

How to create a branded mobile device

Samsung for Business

Branding the mobile phones and tablets your employees use — from the splash screen logo to the home screen applications — creates a customized enterprise experience and reinforces your company’s identity not only to your employees, but to any customers or clients they are talking to.

Using a powerful tool like Samsung Knox Configure, enterprises can ensure that from the minute an employee boots up their mobile device, the company’s identity is seen and heard.


How does it work?

Getting a mobile device from the box to the user usually requires two passes, with the first being used to get the proper operating system version and necessary applications loaded, along with preparing device settings like Wi-Fi and VPN, as well as enrolling the phone or tablet in the company’s current mobile device management (MDM) tool. The second pass entails using the MDM to fine-tune the device and app settings while enabling security controls like remote lock and remote wipe.

When IT administrators use Knox Configure, they can fully customize the device — apps, connectivity settings, security controls and so on — right out of the box, saving an incredible amount of time and resources. If the phone or tablet is known and associated with an enterprise configuration profile, Samsung’s Knox Configure servers can strictly control the device boot; deliver software licenses; preload apps and widgets; push security settings; and control home and lock screens, along with other functionality.


Applying your corporate branding

Knox Configure also allows IT administrators to customize many of the aesthetic aspects of the user experience. They can add a customized image or logo to the splash screen, the animation seen when the device boots up or powers down. It also allows them to change the sound played when the device boots up.

This level of customization means the mobile device users are aware from the minute they turn on their phone that they are using a device designed for work.

Admins can also change the home screen wallpaper and layout so that the company logo can be seen at all times. This is a great way for companies to easily reinforce their brand identity without having to spend a lot of money on advertising or promotion, especially if the device is being used in a consumer-facing role.

Apps are the heart of any smartphone or tablet experience, and with Knox Configure, administrators have a huge level of control over what apps are installed and can prevent them from being uninstalled. If there are preloaded apps on the device that they don’t need, they can be disabled. The level of control even extends to how apps look and when they launch.


Providing easy access to information

Prior to deploying new smartphones or tablets, admins can create profiles for different types of devices. These configurations are applied when the device is turned on. Apps and settings can be remotely configured, giving administrators granular control over the apps being used to access their networks or information held by the company.

Knox Configure will also allow you to preload easy-to-access shortcuts to corporate services and other information. These shortcuts could, for example, provide salespeople who are on the road with a quick way to access the company’s directory, making sure they can find the person they need, when they need to. It could also provide access to company information that employees may need to access most often. These shortcuts can be updated or changed dynamically, meaning the information is always up-to-date.

Investing in mobile device hardware — especially for an entire enterprise — is not something done lightly, and needs to be thoughtfully considered. However, when you do make that investment and deploy these devices to your employees, you need to make the most of that investment.

Customizing the smartphone and tablet experience to leverage your brand identity is a key way of taking full advantage of your investment. Not only does it give your employees a sense of identity, it is also a way to put your company’s best foot forward.


Download the Knox Configure tech sheet or visit the Knox Configure product page to learn more about this versatile solution.