November 8, 2019

How Samsung’s Knox Partner Program can build your business

Morgan Parker

One of the best parts of attending events like the recent Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) is the opportunity for those creating mobile apps and other business solutions to connect directly with key members of our team.

Fortunately, those conversations are by no means limited to SDC. In fact, the announcement of our new and improved Knox Partner Program will allow those engagements to go deeper and more global, providing more value than ever before.

This is a major evolution from our Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP), which had been in place for many years and did a good job of addressing core developer needs. The Knox Partner Program, however, represents a revitalized effort to make sure our partners have all the resources necessary to not only create innovate business apps and other technology integrations, but to cultivate the strongest possible relationship with Samsung experts who can help them succeed.

While not everything has changed — the program is still free to join, and there will still be Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers in the program, for example — the Knox Partner Program is fully redesigned around the common journey businesses take from ideation to lasting impact and in-market success.



Almost any significant app development initiative or integration involves a learning process of some kind, but that process shouldn’t prove so difficult it gets in the way of results.

That’s why the Samsung Knox Partner Program is based on a foundation of educational materials that provide partners with the latest information on key differentiating solutions and features, success stories that show off best practices, updates on vertical markets, and resources to assist with determining what to build and how to better align it with Samsung.

No matter the tier, all program members will enjoy access to our webinar series and extensive technical documentation, which we’ve completely reorganized online so it’s easier to find.



Besides continuing to offer access to a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs) and the Knox software development kit (SDK), we’re working harder to help developers and partners tailor the requirements of apps and business solutions for specific use cases that are only available via Samsung Android devices.

This includes more granular unified endpoint management (UEM) features, the ability to screen share and troubleshoot customer problems via remote support, and customization through features like kiosk mode for industry-specific applications.

Of course, program members will also benefit from free technical support direct from the experts at Samsung. Partners can also expect access to a greater pool of test devices to ensure they can make the best use of new Samsung hardware.


Go to Market

Samsung has always offered a portal with details on partner solutions, but in the past it was partner- and developer-facing, published within the program’s pages. With the Knox Partner Program, we’ve launched a customer-facing solution catalog on for Gold and Platinum partners that includes details on each partner, key features in their solutions and ways to learn more.

This site provides a great way to not only highlight our partners’ work, but to offer those partners additional lead generation channels.

As part of our strong focus on security, meanwhile, we will be testing partner solutions to validate how they implement Samsung Knox and our APIs securely and with proper functionality. Starting with UEMs, those partners will receive a “Samsung Knox Validated” logo that will be featured in the solution catalog and their marketing materials, giving customers and prospects extra confidence in the partners with whom they form a relationship.



Finally, we want this program to help developers and partners take advantage of Samsung’s market share, regional reach and the expertise of our team.

Those at the Silver tier and above, for example, will gain access to our dedicated global Samsung partner managers based in our 11 research labs around the world. As a result, they’ll be able to learn about what’s going on in a particular region from a single primary contact and get pulled into more relevant business activities.

We always want to support our partners as they build applications and grow sales, and despite all its benefits, we see the Knox Partner Program as just a starting point. As more of you join us for the first time, we’ll be continuing this conversation and building on each of these areas to make sure we’re being effective at providing the value partners like you need us to deliver.

Learn more about the Knox Partner Program and how it can help your business create innovative apps and services for Samsung mobile devices.

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