October 3, 2022

How Knox Configure self-uninstall ensures end user privacy

Leigh Dworkin
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For mobile operators, content providers, and marketers, Samsung Galaxy devices make an enticing offer to customers. Going one step further with Samsung Knox Configure gives you powerful promotional features to embed your company brand on Samsung devices, including animated boot up and shut down screens, customized home and lock screens, and installation of particular apps – Galaxy Theme apps, for example.

It is Knox Configure that allows you to remotely configure Samsung devices in bulk and tailor them to specific needs. And it may well be dedicated to your specific business purpose. This would be relevant for applying a company brand to the device. But what if you set the device up once, and then rarely have a need to re-configure the device?


Introducing a new Knox Configure feature – Self-uninstall.

A new feature called Self-uninstall removes the Knox Cloud Services agent from the device for the Setup Edition of Knox Configure, only after it has been configured.

By doing this, it becomes impossible for the device to be continuously re-configured more than once after the initial setup configuration is performed. Reconfiguration is still possible in one specific case, after the device is factory reset to the same state as when the user first received it. It’s easy to enable the feature by ticking a check box at the bottom of the profile creation screen in the Knox Configure console, when Setup Edition has been selected.




Addressing a number of privacy policy challenges.

Samsung has been listening to customers who were concerned about the privacy of their end users. Every permission acquired for the Knox Cloud Services agent to configure the initial device setup is essential for you, but not necessary for the end users. Self-uninstall is useful if you don’t want to give full permissions for minimal configuration cases, such as rebranding.

While creating and setting up a profile, ‘Self-uninstall Knox Cloud agent’ allows the device to download a Knox Configure agent that will self-uninstall after profile configuration is complete. The Knox Configure console will only show irrevocable items such as setting the Home or Lock screen wallpaper and setting the Boot or Shutdown animation in the console. After a factory reset, device configuration will be applied again within the license period. Self-uninstall is strictly applicable for the Setup Edition.


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