November 11, 2022

Elevating Enterprise Management: Meet Knox Asset Intelligence

Samsung Knox Team
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Today’s engineers, field technicians, and other business employees are now using smart mobile devices as critical tools to get their work done. However, according to the B2M Annual State of Enterprise Mobility Survey and Report from November 2020, despite 97% of companies having a device-management tool such as EMM to manage mobility, only 2% said these tools allow them to proactively manage and control critical issues. And these aren’t the only statistics that showcase the challenges enterprises face.

More from this report:

  1. 63% of workers said enterprise device batteries drained very quickly and did not last an entire shift
  2. 70% of workers experienced unstable Wi-Fi or mobile coverage
  3. 62% of workers reported that the mobile apps they use often crash

This explains part of why there is a significant demand for asset management services. Businesses need a comprehensive solution that enables workers to complete their projects using mobile devices within an optimized, IT-approved environment.

Enter Samsung Knox, an all-in-one solution built for enterprise mobility. It enables businesses to efficiently secure, deploy, manage, and analyze your devices along the entire enterprise mobility journey.

And part of Samsung Knox is the formidable Knox Asset Intelligence, which helps customers enhance business continuity with other Knox Solutions. Knox Asset Intelligence provides data-driven asset management and analysis for actionable insights and device productivity. But what does that mean exactly?

In-depth and comprehensive data tracking:

  • Monitor time spent of each application, battery consumption, and other metrics with multiple accurate data sources.
  • Track app not responding, errors and battery drainage before it becomes a problem.
  • Predefine work shift times and analyze battery trends.
  • Based on collected historic data, estimate battery lifecycle.
  • Detect abnormal Wi-Fi disconnection and determine why.
  • Track all managed devices and remote trigger the lost device to ring, flash or vibrate.

Actionable insights from optimised data visibility

  • Flexible fully customisable dashboard with drag and drop widgets. Options to customise the dashboard allow for only the most relevant data to show. The easy to use and intuitive interface means that onboarding and training is minimised and IT admins can easily set up and monitor results without complexity.
  • Configure specific work shift time, a managed apps list, or a managed SSID allow list alerts and insight popups. This way IT admins can set work shift times to collect and view employee usage data for work. Also, by managing the SSID allow list settings IT admins can only view data used through the company AP, which helps exclude network errors from external sources. And by setting managed apps, they can track and monitor the app use and stability data from only selected apps and choose work-only apps - further separating work and personal use.

Powerful diagnosis and proactive troubleshooting

  • IT admins can receive reports. In these instances, IT admins aren’t required to monitor the console continuously to check the status. However, they still have access to important information that enables issue detection and troubleshooting remotely. Based on the threshold and their email preference setting, they can receive these issue reports without any hassle.
  • Create predetermined recipient lists. Knox Asset Intelligence gives you the opportunity to set detailed preferences to determine what kind of report and data is sent. IT admins can also select who should receive the report so that only the most relevant information reaches the right people.
  • Simplify remote troubleshooting and issue reporting. Downloading the dumplog from the end user’s device can be done remotely as IT admins simultaneously check the device’s health status. If the end user notices an issue they can easily report these errors from the menu within the Knox Asset Intelligence app, which an IT admin is then able to view and resolve.

As the world changes, and data becomes the cornerstone of connectivity in most businesses – Samsung Knox Asset Intelligence help you prepare for the present and future of work. What can this kind of intelligence do for your enterprise management capabilities? How can it transform your operations and help you navigate changing demands? Speak to us and find out how you can revolutionise your enterprise management systems.

Stay connected, protected, and productive, and discover the value of Knox Asset Intelligence for yourself. Contact Samsung sales today.