January 30, 2023

Digitize your fleet management with Samsung Knox

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It’s no secret that the business of fleet management is changing. Every year, the industry continues to take revolutionary steps forward, and “digitization” has become a key industry buzzword. According to Strategic Market Research (SMR)1, the global digital logistics market is on track to reach a value of $77.52 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 17.54%. In addition, 74% of fleets surveyed say that they’ve adopted more digital solutions since the pandemic2, and 64% of trucking executives3 report that their organization’s future success depends on digital reinvention.

Digitization isn’t just about buying each member of the fleet a phone. Full digitization requires fleet managers to introduce smart devices in tandem with digital solutions that are capable of addressing the array of unique challenges that modern logistics companies find themselves facing both in the office and out on the road. Logistics and fleet management software can undoubtedly help solve existing challenges such as tracking assets, maintaining equipment, and keeping devices operational, but digital solutions bring their own set of problems to overcome in scaling and managing software across large fleets. Balancing these difficulties will be a critical task for fleet managers who hope to remain competitive in the coming years.

In the office, companies report struggling with the requirements around device purchases, difficult and often tedious device management, regular device theft or loss, and problems communicating usage of the devices with the drivers. Drivers also report issues with their digital solutions, with many truckers saying that their devices break too easily, that they have no way of managing device issues while driving, and that the manual logging paperwork required as an alternative is inefficient. Additionally, managers indicate that the potential for using these devices for personal purposes can hinder drivers’ productivity and slow down the entire fleet.


Enter Knox for Transportation

Samsung Knox for Transportation is a combination of rugged Galaxy Tablets and Knox Suite that offers a comprehensive and reliable fleet management solution for the logistics industry.

The rugged Galaxy Tab Active series are designed for demanding conditions. These tough devices meet the MIL-STD 810Hi (incl. Anti-shock) standards set by the US Military to accurately assess device limitations and are also IP68ii approved. IP68 is the highest water-resistance and dust-resistance rating, signifying that the devices can withstand dust and are resistant to submersion under pressure.

Knox Suite combines Samsung’s easy IT management, comprehensive device protection and in-depth data analysis features into a single suite of tools, which helps companies to be proactive about maximizing their operational efficiency.

With industry standard hardware and software tailored to meet the needs of the transportation industry, businesses are able to fulfil ELD compliance by using Kiosk mode to convert the Samsung tablet into a dedicated ELD.


Driver Ready

Device management solutions are nothing without capable devices, and the Galaxy Tab Active series is the perfect starting point for Knox for Transportation. In addition, their touch sensitive screens work even if the driver is wearing glovesiii, saving time and allowing users to keep their protective equipment on while operating their device.

With Knox Suite, transportation and logistics organizations are able to minimize manual tasks and comply with ELD regulations by converting tablets to ELD using Kiosk mode. Devices can be remotely set up using Knox Suite and are ready for use by drivers out-of-the-box. IT managers can also increase productivity by setting up restrictions to limit personal use, keeping drivers focused on the road and making their deliveries safely and efficiently. And should drivers run into a problem, Knox Remote Support allows hands-on troubleshooting for devices on the road—your admins can view the device screen and directly control it.

Thus, with Knox for Transportation, you can flexibly transform devices to maximize driver productivity:

    • Convert ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices), minimize manual tasks, and be ELD-compliant in simple steps.
    • Remove distraction while driving, with kiosk mode that disable unsanctioned apps.
    • Remote access tool allows hands-on troubleshooting for devices on the road.


Secure and Efficient Device Management

Samsung Knox is synonymous with security, data protection, and meeting compliance requirements. Through the Knox Admin Portal, Knox Suite empowers corporate IT to load work apps and files onto all corporate devices in just a few clicks before they are given to drivers, sparing drivers from having to perform manual downloads and installations.

With Knox Suite, you can monitor where devices are being used during business hours and improve workflows by checking where fleets are and whether they’re in the right place. Vehicle locations can be checked via GPS and Wi-Fi and periodically recorded, or IT admins can send a command to drivers asking them to record the current location.

Knox’s emphasis on security doesn’t end with device tracking. If a driver loses their devices or falls victim to theft while on duty, Knox Suite allows IT admins to remotely shut down the lost device or limit or completely lock its functionality through the Knox Admin Portal. protecting any confidential corporate information that could be found in the device.


Elevated business continuity

One of the challenges of managing devices in the logistics and transportation industry is the fact that drivers are constantly on the move and may not have time to return their devices to receive updates or submit data. With Knox Suite, you can manage all of your organization’s devices from a single user interface, which means you can secure, deploy, and analyze data on a variety of devices through one central point without the input of the drivers. This is vital when managing devices that are moving in opposite directions, often hundreds of kilometres apart.

IT admins can also ensure devices are in good health and fully operational by analyzing battery, Wi-Fi and app usage. Should an OS update be required, these can be scheduled for times when devices are not in use, eliminating wasted time.

Knox Suite can also be used to optimize your fleet’s performance. You can track your vehicles, analyze driver performance, and optimize route data to improve workflows, and using Knox Suite, you can create optimized dashboards that include only the information relevant to the driver’s work along with actionable insights that allows the driver to analyze data and correct problems before they occur, ensuring fewer work stoppages and interruptions.

In summary, Samsung Knox is an important addition to any transportation or logistics business looking to streamline their workflows, reduce disruptions, increase productivity, meet ELD compliance, improve the life cycle of their devices, and enhance their daily operations while remaining secure and protecting their investments.

Paired with Samsung’s rugged Galaxy Tablets, Knox Suite is a reliable and smart in-vehicle mobile device solution for the transportation workforce. For more information about this offering, see https://samsungknox.com/en/solutions/knox-for-transportation.

To discover how it is capable of driving your business in the right direction and paving the road to business success, contact the Knox sales team.


1. The Digital Logistics Market Size, Global Industry Report 2021-2030 by Strategic Market Research (SMR)

2. Survey by Webfleet Solutions, the Truck 2030 Executive Survey by IBV(IBM Institute for Business Value)

3. FMCSA, Regulatory Impact Analysis for ELDs

i MIL-STD- 810H Certification: Altitude, Humidity, Immersion, Salt Fog, Dust, Vibration, Drop, etc.

ii Galaxy Tab Active series devices are rated IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (except for the Galaxy Tab Active, which is rated IP67). IP68 is based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

iii Touch Sensitivity increases responsiveness for leather gloves thinner than 2mm or less in thickness, based on internal laboratory test results. Underwater touch is not available. Touch responsiveness may vary depending on the material and thickness of gloves as well as other environmental conditions. Touch Sensitivity mode must be enabled via Settings > Advanced features > Touch Sensitivity in order to use this feature.

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