May 26, 2023

Better together: The Samsung Knox Validated Program partnering with SOTI

Samsung Knox Team
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Partnering for mutual success

Samsung Knox has evolved as the go-to suite of enterprise mobility solutions since its inception as a cutting-edge, multi-layered, and on-device security platform for Android in 2013. The Knox solution has progressed beyond its competitors’ offerings and raised the bar in the Android enterprise ecosystem. Today, Knox delivers more features, efficiencies, and security that businesses demand from their enterprise mobility solution.

Knox is a business platform that effectively secures, deploys, manages, and analyzes business devices throughout the enterprise mobility lifecycle. For over a decade, Samsung has allied with powerful, ambitious, and highly industrious partners to evolve Knox into the best-in-class enterprise solution. Samsung launched its Knox Validated Program in 2020 to further strengthen these partnerships. Knox Validated partners are the upper-echelon of EMM solution providers who meet Samsung’s rigorous enterprise-grade requirements around functionality, UX, documentation, and ability to deploy and support Knox. In fact, the “Knox Validated” badge:

  • Certifies that a specific EMM solution is optimally integrated with Knox.
  • Offers a unified and seamless UX for Knox management/configuration features.
  • Demonstrates its ability to deploy Samsung Knox at scale.
  • Shows the partner collaborates very closely with Samsung for joint customers.


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SOTI and Samsung: Forging the future since 2013

One of these Knox Validated partners is the forward-thinking and customer-centric Canadian mobility and IoT brand, SOTI. Founded by current CEO, Carl J. Rodrigues in 1995 – predating smartphones – SOTI is best known for SOTI MobiControl, part of the SOTI ONE Platform. This, along with five other associated applications (SOTI XSight, SOTI Snap, SOTI Connect, SOTI Identity, and SOTI Pulse) has been one of the go-to mobile market solutions for longer than many competitors.

As Oscar Rambaldini - VP of Product Management, SOTI puts it, “SOTI works closely with Samsung to ensure we continue to meet the Knox Validation Program requirements and support its promise of value. By doing so, customers can confidently take complete control of their business-critical mobile operations with SOTI MobiControl and provide an optimal user experience on their Samsung devices.”

“For many years, SOTI has worked with Samsung to provide our customers with a comprehensive offering, SOTI Mobicontrol, with full support for Knox solutions,” said KC Choi, Head of Global Mobile B2B Team at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. “As a Knox Partner, as well as achieving Knox Validated EMM solution status, we believe SOTI can help our customers support the next generation of mobile workers with industry-leading productivity and security tools.”


Better security, streamlined mobile operations, and optimized UX

SOTI has always been fully supportive of a joint realization of the Knox Validated Program. As an official Knox Validated partner, SOTI has recently released several meaningful feature enhancements based on the latest feature/UX guidelines and dedicated technical support by the Samsung Knox team, including:

Easier access to Knox Service Plugin (KSP) alongside unified UX with Android Enterprise

SOTI MobiControl allows IT administrators to easily and quickly access and use the Knox management/configuration features, enabled through Knox Service Plugin, alongside the standard Android Enterprise features as part of the main device management UI flow. This makes it possible for them to manage both the Android Enterprise and Knox-based IT policies more consistently and effectively.

Simpler KSP configuration with wildcards

SOTI MobiControl now provides a more streamlined UX for KSP configuration with full support for wildcards (called macros in SOTI MobiControl). The wildcards are designed to be populated and replaced dynamically with device-specific values at runtime, allowing IT administrators to manage just a single KSP policy for multiple configurations. For example, when using the boot banner customization feature of KSP, IT administrators can instruct SOTI MobiControl to configure the display message according to data specific to each device, such as its serial number or username (e.g., when it’s set to “This device is for %ENROLLEDUSER_USERNAME% only” by IT administrator, it’s actually shown as “This device is for john.smith only” on a device and “This device is for emma.brown only” on another device, respectively).

Higher security and productivity with Knox Mobile Enrollment

IT administrators can benefit from higher security and productivity when they enroll devices thanks to a combination of SOTI MobiControl and Knox Mobile Enrollment. SOTI MobiControl's device enrollment UI flow has been redesigned to accommodate Knox's robust, frictionless advantages. Now, security-sensitive operations, such as end-user authentication and essential IT policy compliance, always occur during the initial setup wizard, enabling IT administrators to ensure their devices are entirely under IT control seamlessly from the beginning of the device lifecycle.


Continued progress and partnership are at Samsung’s core

The Samsung Knox Validated Program will continue to evolve as a more holistic, trustworthy, and open triangular communication channel. Customers can rest assured that EMM solutions like SOTI MobiControl will provide an optimal and consistent user experience and a comprehensive set of Knox features, as validated by Samsung. At the same time, Samsung and SOTI are fully committed to continuing and expanding their strategic product partnership beyond the Knox Validated Program to jointly realize the vision of making Android enterprise security and management even better in the future.


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