July 12, 2016

Android for Work hardened by Knox on Samsung device

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People stay connected with their worlds through their mobile devices and the lines between their work and personal lives have blurred. Accommodating work and play on one phone is more than just a trend, it’s a necessity.  Android provides a great solution for this through Work Profiles*, and when combined with a Samsung device is a great option as it’s hardened by Samsung Knox platform security.

Android has an integrated solution to provide separation of work apps and data from personal apps and data for companies facing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate-Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) scenarios. Work data in Android’s Work Profiles* (i.e. the work side of the device) allows IT Admins to apply policies to prevent data leakage, prevent installation of apps from unknown sources, and apply app policies to protect company data. Meanwhile the same device can be freely used for personal use. Android for Work provides modern and effective safeguards to protect both the individual and the enterprise.

But what about the device itself? How can one be certain that it hasn’t been tampered with, either physically or remotely? How can one ensure that only vendor-approved versions of the OS are running on it?  Are you absolutely certain that malicious code hasn’t hijacked the device startup or runtime processes? Protecting data at the software level is necessary, but that software should be sitting on a trusted foundation: secure hardware. That’s where Samsung Knox comes into play.

Samsung Knox is a defense-grade mobile security platform built into Samsung devices. It extends the software level protections of Android adding hardware level security mechanisms to ensure the integrity of the device.  Just turn on the device and you’re protected with multiple layers of security from the hardware to the app level. Samsung Knox monitors and ensures that your mobile device is protected against external attacks, malicious code or applications, deviations from a trusted baseline, and it can detect or protect against device rooting among other things.

The Samsung Knox platform helps guarantee the integrity of the device, and Android for Work benefits from this. In addition, Samsung and Google work together very closely to ensure that Knox and Android for Work updates operate in tandem to stay ahead of emerging threats.

There are many organizations that need even more control over the management and security aspects of the mobile devices that connect to their enterprise networks. Samsung Knox Workspace* is an alternative that provides the most comprehensive set of security and management capabilities possible on a mobile device. Knox Workspace* has the best hardware based security integration with the underlying Knox platform and has received more government security accreditations and industry awards than any other solution on the market.

Android for Work hardened by Knox features are now available on Samsung devices with Android OS 6.0 and above including flagship models, Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge.

To learn more about how Android for Work is hardened by Samsung Knox, watch the video here:

To learn more about Knox Platform for Enterprise*, click here

*Android Work Profile and Samsung Knox Workspace are both solutions designed to allow for the separation of work applications and data from personal applications and data while also providing work IT administrators the ability to manage the work side of the device, thus ensuring that it complies with necessary security and management requirements.