March 30, 2023

A new version of Knox Capture, now packaged with Samsung Knox Suite

Samsung Knox Team
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Turn Galaxy smartphones into barcode scanners, instantly.

It’s no secret that workers on the frontline play a critical role in any industry. Key employees in diverse roles, from manufacturing and retail to transport and logistics, form the backbone behind a successful business – and one that’s prepared for the future of work.

Warehouse management, transportation, and border control tracking all need scanners, but dedicated devices can cause problems for IT owners because of the high cost of ownership. Meanwhile, employees become burdened carrying both work smartphones and scanners. At Samsung, we always work hard to bridge the gap between new tech and the reality of work. We also prioritize the development of streamlined ways for you and your teams to enjoy truly dynamic and secure technology.

With this in mind, we created Knox Capture. This reliable tool turns Samsung devices into barcode scanners without compromising other mobile functions. With Knox Capture, you can transform rugged Samsung devices or other Secured by Knox devices into a scanner. [1] A new version of Knox Capture is now included in the Knox Suite, an all-in-one UEM bundle, giving you an even more powerful frontline mobile device management solution.


What is Knox Capture?

Knox Capture is a purpose-built barcode scanning solution, run on Android platforms on Samsung mobile devices.

Knox Capture’s intuitive design allows frontline users to use smartphones as scanners with ease. With features such as our push-to-scan button, pivoting between smartphone and scanner use is seamless.


The new version of Knox Capture is now available with Knox Suite.

Knox Suite is the all-in-one UEM solution to manage work devices. Adding the new version of Knox Capture to this bundle gives added functionality to a solution already optimized for field work, with a single license. Knox Suite is a comprehensive package for enterprise mobility management. Knox Suite includes effortless device setup and management capabilities and a barcode scanning solution to help streamline operations for IT managers and increase productivity for employees.


What's new?

  1. Software Development Kit (SDK) for easy integration: Now, customers can flexibly integrate Knox Capture's scanning capabilities with their business apps in a way that optimizes their workflow.
  2. Faster setup: Wedge-type application enables faster setup without needing to access scanner APIs directly.
  3. Samsung-native Scanning Solution: Includes a scanning engine designed and developed by the Samsung camera engineering team to enable optimized scanning ability on your Samsung mobile devices.


What does this look like out on the frontline?

Employees can use a Galaxy XCover6 Pro, and other rugged Samsung devices, for delivery logistics from one device. With Knox Capture, they will have a barcode scanning function for shipping boxes and other inventory items. They are now ready to scan and enter the barcodes displayed on the screen. Your team can launch the scanner automatically and simultaneously launch the relevant app using a single button.

Like any other app, you can download Knox Capture from the Google Play store. Knox Capture is fully built and developed by Samsung, so it's technology you can trust. It's quick and easy to get started, and an entire fleet of devices can be up and running quickly. There are no extra development costs. Apply your profile for your company or work apps and add scanning functionality to all company devices. With the Knox Capture Software Development Kit, you can also upgrade and integrate additional scanning functionality in your business app.


Go on, get started.

Make sure your business is ready to remain competitive and adapt as the world of work changes. Streamline internal processes and support your workers on the frontline without compromising sensitive data. Knox Suite can help you do all this and more, and with the addition of Knox Capture to your toolset, you’re helping ensure your IT and frontline teams are set up for success.

Want to find out more? Contact the Samsung Knox team.

[1] Knox Capture requires separate app installation and license purchase. Availability may vary by market and model. Barcode scanning may require app remapping to a programmable key to use the full feature. The functionalities of Knox Capture may differ by Knox Capture product type (Knox Capture app and Knox Capture SDK).