Juin 5, 2024

Device Safety Made Easy with Knox Suite

Samsung Knox Team
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Device security is rapidly becoming as important as physical security for your home or office.

Some enterprises hire entire teams of security operations experts just for cybersecurity, and they still need to use the best technology available to fully protect their business.

Samsung’s answer to this challenge is Knox Suite, a powerful bundle of enterprise mobility management solutions on top of the Knox security platform on Samsung Galaxy devices.


The many forms of threats to cybersecurity

Different apps, device models, and operating system versions have their own unique vulnerabilities. As a business’s device landscape scales to provide more functionality, so too does the number and variety of threats facing it. 

In bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios, security have to be ready to secure any kind of device, while businesses that give devices out for work use have to watch for employees introducing unofficial apps into sensitive networks. 

That’s not to mention the risks of human error; lost phones can easily fall into the wrong hands.

There are so many threats to protect your business data from that the whole process can feel like counting every grain of sand at the beach, and without help, central KPIs like mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) can start to slip. 


The financial cost of cybersecurity breaches

Data breaches are becoming more common, and the damage they can cause is staggering. IBM reports that the global average cost of a data breach last year was over $4.45m US dollars, which has increased by 15% over three years.

An expense like that could spell doom for a business. Data breach prevention is therefore a must-have. To keep MTTR and MTTD down, and their data safe, security operations teams need a toolshed of solutions that are as robust and powerful as the threats facing them. 


How Knox Suite can protect your devices

Thankfully, all Samsung devices already come with protection. The Knox security platform takes this a step further by bringing government-grade security to all enterprise devices.

As an added layer of protection, Knox Suite leverages that built-in security to provide managed security through advanced features.

Let’s look at how Knox Suite can make life considerably more comfortable for IT administrators and SecOps teams.


Find and address vulnerabilities with Knox Suite

IT admins are tasked with casting an eagle-eye over the system weaknesses present in their device landscape: vulnerabilities that hackers target for attacks. IT admins have an essential role in proactively hunting down and addressing these vulnerabilities to avoid costly attacks.

Operating systems (OS) are just one aspect admins will need to be wary of. Here are some key questions admins ask:

  • What security patch level are my devices currently on?
  • Have any critical vulnerabilities been discovered in our current OS version?
  •   Which devices require security patches in order to mitigate the vulnerabilities I’ve found in my fleet?

Knox Suite has made it nigh-on effortless to answer these thanks to its Security Center and powerful OS version control 


Security Center

Security Center does all of the lengthy, tedious groundwork of identifying and managing vulnerabilities within your business’s device fleet.

Security Center unlocks an comprehensive view of your Fleet vulnerabilities. Here, intelligent charts reveal the number of problems by their severity at a glance. 

With the help of the Security Center, you can pinpoint the exact devices with detected vulnerabilities but outdated security patches. This poses a high security risk to the organization, so it’s important that IT admins can proactively deploy security strategies for these specific targets. The dashboard visually displays the problems exposed, ordered from ‘Critical’ to ‘Low,’ making it easy to start tackling the most severe vulnerabilities first. 

This a huge boon, particularly for managing device fleets where IT admins can’t physically access devices to examine them. Things are made even easier with the Fleet integrity chart: 

If a device has ever installed unofficial software or isn’t running an approved OS version, the Samsung Attestation Server will let you know about it, and the Fleet integrity chart will be updated.


Taking Action on Exposed Devices with powerful OS version control

Visibility is priceless, but Knox Suite does more than just point out the problems. With Knox Suite, you’re able to update a vulnerable device to an OS version with no vulnerabilities, remotely and immediately.

Since end users likely aren't familiar with the security policies they need to comply, forcing these is best way to dole out updates safely.

Knox Suite makes it fast and simple to install critical security patches and OS update—you can even validate that they’ve been correctly implemented on all your deployed devices. It offers reassurance without asking anything from the users.

Don’t want to disrupt an employee halfway through their workday? Simple—schedule an update outside of working hours, and you can maintain security without sacrificing productivity.

Armed with this critical combination of fleet intelligence and remote version updates, IT admins can do the vital work they need to do to prevent breaches, even in remote working scenarios where accessing at-risk devices is impossible… unless you have a solution like Knox Suite. 


Protect lost or stolen devices

A massive 88% of data breaches are caused by human error, according to Stanford research. Phishing attacks have risen in frequency as remote work has become more widespread, but human error has many other ways of opening holes in your security: lost devices in particular can pose a huge security headache. 

First, IT have to put on their detective hats and investigate in order to attempt recovery of lost devices. Replacement devices have their own cost, and the employees that lose them aren’t doing any more work until you let them out of the naughty corner and trust them with replacements.

Fortunately, once again, Knox Suite comes in clutch with a way to protect your business.


Knox Suite lets you lock down lost devices to protect your business

Knox Suite’s GPS-based location gives you total oversight of device locations and makes it incredibly easy to recover a lost device. In the event that you can’t recover a device, Knox Suite puts security superpowers at your control. 

When a device is reported missing, you can immediately check the map to see if any devices are in places they shouldn’t be. To help your recovery attempts, IT admin can send messages to the device and trigger ringtones, even on devices in Silent mode.

If it’s not possible to locate a missing device, then you can still prevent any risk of data leakage. Admins are empowered with a huge range of functions to enact remotely and instantly, like the ability to lock and even wipe data. That’s not to mention the restrictions you can set ahead of time, like automatically locking a phone after too many failed login attempts. Passwords can be reset and untrustworthy apps can be uninstalled entirely remotely.

One of the most useful theft-prevention features that Knox Suite confers is Factory Reset Protection. Even if you’ve managed to lock a device, it may be possible to initiate a factory reset through the bootloader. Factory Reset Protection cuts even this off without the right authentication, making devices secured by Knox a huge frustration for thieves and opportunists.

Knox Suite is an essential safeguard against cybersecurity threats

The threats to your device fleet’s security are so vast and varied, and the cost associated with failing to tackle them so high, that a robust solution is all but necessary to protect your business’s sensitive data.

An all-in-one enterprise mobility management solution bundle like Knox Suite is the answer. With Knox Suite, you get crucial insight into the state of your fleet, its vulnerabilities, and even where each component is located in real time, as well as the powers you need to fix the problems it finds.

Why not take it for a spin? Sign up for free and take 90 days to explore all that Knox Suite has to offer today.