Support Services for Knox Products

Support Services for Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Premium, Knox Configure, and Knox Manage


This page outlines the support services applicable to Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Premium, Knox Manage and Knox Configure (“Knox products”) for the term of the valid licenses purchased and the respective responsibilities of Samsung and Knox license resellers for the support services.   Except as expressly set forth in this page, Samsung shall have no obligation to provide any support services, including with respect to such Knox products not stipulated herein.


  1. Samsung Support Service Channel


Samsung provides 24-hour web access to online FAQs, knowledgebase and documentations. Support inquiry service is also available through Support inquiries can be submitted in a local language but English is recommended for quick and accurate response.


  1. Support Service Types


The support services are categorized into the three (3) service types and the respective responsibilities of Samsung and Knox license resellers are described below for each service type:

  • Service type 1: Knox license reseller provides Level 1 and 2 support
  • Service type 2: Knox license reseller provides Level 1 support only (Samsung provides Level 2 support)
  • Service type 3: Knox license reseller provides neither Level 1 nor Level 2 support (Samsung provides both Level 1 and Level 2 support)

For Knox Platform for Enterprise, any of the service types can be chosen by Knox license reseller depending on the support services purchased from Samsung1. For Knox Premium, Knox Configure, and Knox Manage, only the service type 3 is available. For the avoidance of doubt, Samsung's Level 1, 2 and 3 support is only available through as specified in the Samsung Support Service Channel section of this page. Knox license resellers may provide additional support services such as 24/7 call support, on-site training and dedicated support account manager at an additional charge.


Support Service Types



Supporting Parties 
By Service Type

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Level 1

  • Serve as the first point of contact for Customers for Knox products and escalate issues to Level 2 when necessary.
  • Respond to customer inquiries related to product features and “how-to”s of Knox products and device configuration and specifications for Knox products.
  • Provide a self-help repository with FAQs and discussion forums which is kept up-to-date and accurate.
  • Provide initial training or training materials.
  • Escalate inquiries and issues to Level 2 when necessary.
  • Determine the severity of the issues based on the table in Section 3.

Knox License Reseller

Knox License Reseller


Level 2

  • Respond to the inquiries and issues escalated by Level 1.
  • Capture and include logs if applicable.
  • Triage and investigate issues to identify and isolate the root causes.
  • Escalate inquiries and issues to relevant parties (e.g., carriers, Samsung Technical Support Team, MDM vendors, etc.) when necessary. The issues must be reproducible in a specific environment before escalated to Level 3.
  • Provide a list of Knox issues to Level 3 on a monthly basis including the issues resolved during the designated month when requested.
  • Review Knox-related issues with Level 3 during the agreed intervals. Issues should be classified to severity and issue categories.

Knox License Reseller



Level 3

  • Respond to the inquiries and issues escalated by Level 2.
  • Investigate, troubleshoot and resolve the escalated issues in detail and provide specific and complete answers to the escalated inquiries.
  • Provide code fixes and software maintenance releases.
  • Provide regular reviews on the status of the escalated issues.





  1. Severity and Service Levels


Issue severity shall be classified into four (4) levels for each issue and the default severity level is 3. Samsung may reassign severity level to each issue based on the severity definition described in the table below. The support services are provided based on the first response time indicated in the table below according to local business hours which vary depending on the region.


Severity Definition and Expected Response Time

Severity Level

Severity Definition

First Response Time

Severity 1

The supported product is not operational. A significant number of Users are impacted. No workaround is immediately available.

Examples of Severity Level 1:

  • Supported product is down or halted, severely impacting normal business operation
  • There are an inordinate number of incidents over a short period of time in a high-impact environment

2 Business Hours

Severity 2

Widespread or sporadic impairment of the supported product. The incident is impacting a moderate number of users and is affecting normal business operation, but workarounds are available.

Examples of Severity Level 2:

  • Supported product performance degradation
  • Incident highly impacts Customer’s ability to do work, but business operation can continue for a reasonable amount of time before incident becomes critical

4 Business Hours

Severity 3

An incident that causes impairment to portions of the supported product. The incident impacts a small number of users and minimally impacts normal business operation.

Examples of Severity Level 3:

  • Low impact with acceptable work-around in place
  • Occurs intermittently, inconsistently

1 Business 

Severity 4

An incident that causes minor impairment to portions of the supported product. The incident has little or no impact to users and normal business operation. This category can apply to support of a general nature.

Examples of Severity Level 4:

  • Customer has a "how-to" question
  • Configuration change
  • A new feature request

2 Business 




 1 Please contact your Knox license reseller if you want to know which support service type is applied for your license.