Utility vehicle manufacturer streamlines device deployment with Knox solutions

A renowned utility vehicle manufacturer uses Samsung smartphones and Knox-based tablets to digitize and support its business processes. Initially, each end device was purchased from a distributor and manually configured by the company’s IT group, which took upwards of 40 minutes per device. To save time and money, the company worked with Samsung to adopt the Knox Configure, Knox Mobile Enrollment, and Knox E-FOTA solutions, greatly improving deployment time and manageability.
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About the company
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Company size: Large
  • Location: Germany

Our client, based in Europe and with sales across the globe, is a popular sports utility vehicle (SUV) manufacturer. They have hundreds of employees who use Samsung smartphones and tablets to stay in touch and share confidential company data, and needed an efficient way to onboard these devices.


IT department overwhelmed as company grows

A renowned utility vehicle manufacturer uses Samsung smartphones and Knox-based tablets to digitize and support its business processes.

With an inventory of almost 1,000 smartphones and tablets, from the Galaxy A5 (2016) up to the current Galaxy A8 and Galaxy Tab Active2, the hardware used has established itself very well within the group in recent years. As the company has grown, so has the number of device users, and the burden on the IT department had increased enormously over the years.

All end devices were purchased from a distributor and manually configured by the IT administrator after delivery. This was followed by further adaptations according to the intended use. Which meant the IT department was spending close to 40 minutes to customize and deploy a single device.

Another time-consuming issue was the distribution of firmware updates. For historical reasons, end users were required to ensure that their devices were always kept up to date with the latest software, which meant that there were always periods in which the security of company data depended on the goodwill of the individual employee.


Knox solutions cut device setup time by 2/3

To save time and money, the Knox Configure and Knox Mobile Enrollment platforms were integrated together with Samsung and the mobile phone provider.

The devices are now automatically registered in the KC and KME portal with every order. Upon delivery, KC takes over the basic configuration already mentioned. This includes the adaptation of the home screen, the deletion of unneeded links or the uninstallation of all pre-installed apps. As a visual highlight, the boot and shutdown process of the devices has also been adapted; the company logo now appears here.

Furthermore, the profile has been extended by further functions, which complement the possibilities of the internal MDM solution, but also enables to still have access to the device even after a reset of the device to factory settings. For example, critical functions such as "developer options" have been blocked by KC.

In the second step, KME fills the devices with the client of the internal Mobile Device Management solution. The administrator only has to enter the PIN to register the devices in the MDM solution. This then distributes the remaining settings such as e-mail account, WiFi profile or necessary applications.

In total, the time required to set up a device has been reduced to 15 minutes.

And to ensure all devices are always operated with the same software version and thus with the latest security patches, the utility vehicle manufacturer decided to introduce the Knox E-FOTA Advanced Cloud platform.

Now, the latest firmware for each device can be distributed from a central location, giving IT admins time to test in-house apps in advance for compatibility.


By working with Samsung Knox solutions, the company has greatly alleviated the administrative burden on its IT staff. With Knox Configure and Knox Mobile Enrollment, devices can be deployed in 1/3 of the time they used to. And Knox E-FOTA ensures all 1,000 devices in the employee fleet are always on the same OS version, ensuring their compatibility with in-house apps.

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