Uniting cuts 45-minute deployment to 2 minutes with Samsung Knox

Uniting is a leading provider of aged care services and wants to be seen as an innovative care organization. Part of that innovation is to provide their carers the ability to stay connected with mission critical information, easily navigate online services, securely and confidently update and upload case information, and manage their clients’ needs and their own appointments. The challenge was how long it took to set up and manage the devices their caregivers would need to use daily.
About the company
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Company size: Large
  • Location: Australia

Uniting operates 73 residential aged care homes in 51 locations across NSW and ACT which offer care and support for older people from qualified staff 24-hours a day, so residents can live the most active and fulfilled life possible. The UnitingCare network has 40,000 employees and 30,000 volunteers nationally, and provides services to children, young people and families, people with disabilities, and older Australians, in urban, rural and remote communities.

Knox solutions used

Finding a powerful yet easy-to-use solution

Uniting wanted to provide its caregivers with smartphones that would keep them connected to their home office, and allow them to access confidential health data remotely and securely.

The challenge was to make this as simple as possible as the typical care worker wasn’t technical, or didn’t have a lot of experience with enterprise mobility.


A simpler and more effective rollout

After evaluating solutions, Uniting chose to work with Samsung for its technology capabilities, its ability to collaborate across the health network’s multiple partners, and its ability to partner with them in implementing the solution across the organization.

The health network chose Galaxy Note devices for its care workers, since the device’s large screen form factor, all-day battery life, and S-pen allowed for better productivity. These devices were configured, optimized, and rolled out with Knox Configure, while Samsung provided a comprehensive training program for Uniting’s team leaders to ensure they were comfortable with the technology.

“Uniting approached Samsung to utilize our Knox technology to streamline the deployment of those devices to the careworkers, making it simple and as seamless as possible,” says Martin Brown, Head of Enterprise Strategic Solutions for Samsung. “Using our Knox Configure platform, we were able to help Uniting reduce deployment down from 45 minutes to 2 minutes, giving substantial cost benefits and savings to the company.”

Uniting has rolled out the Samsung Galaxy Note flagship device, replacing an ageing fleet for their home and community care project. The intent was to provide an improved user experience to the caregiver by improving access to critical information through its CareLink+ medical solution, while ensuring the rollout of the device was simple and effective.

Deploying devices with the Knox Configure solution provided Uniting with a number of deployment benefits, including:

  1. Being able to fine-tune the devices to specific business settings automatically and seamlessly during initial device setup.
  2. Promotion of Uniting’s brand on the device via custom boot-up animation.

The experience now whenever we need to get a new phone into the field is quick and easy. It's done automatically by our mobile device management partner. There isn't a 45-minute wait to set up a device, it turns on, configures itself, we’re away.

-Renzo Mostacci, Chief Information Officer, Uniting

As a result of working with Samsung, Uniting has seen a reduction in its cost of deployment. Previously, mobile phones took up to 45 minutes to deploy per device. This has been reduced to just 2 minutes, requiring a simple log in on the part of the user to deploy their device. All data accessed on the device are secured by Knox, improving productivity as carers can access critical information at an instant.

“The solution we put in here at Uniting with Samsung has improved productivity across the board with our frontline staff in our home in community care business,” says Renzo Mostacci, Chief Information Officer at Uniting. “Our staff are very, very happy with the solution. They feel very special, they know how to use the technology, the technology is reliable, they can do their job.”

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