Government office utilizes Knox solutions to provide secure working area for VIP passengers

A VIP airport lounge serving high-ranking Ukrainian government officials and foreign dignitaries was looking to provide its passengers with a secure method of sharing confidential data. The Hall for Official Delegation, worked with Samsung to provide its passengers with secure tablets enrolled by Knox Mobile Enrollment and managed by Knox Manage. Today, VIP guests have a secure space to review and share their classified information.
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About the company
  • Industry: Government
  • Company size: Medium
  • Location: Ukraine

The Hall for Official Delegation, located at Boryspil International Airport in Kiev, is a VIP airport lounge that serves high ranking persons and official delegations. It runs overall administrative tasks required by Ukrainian top officials and foreign delegations, including preparing for meetings and negotiations before, after or even during long flights.


Securing confidential data for VIP passengers

When Ukrainian top officials are travelling by flight at the Boryspil International Airport in Kiev, the Hall for Official Delegation serves as their dedicated, VIP-only lounge.

The many tasks of the Hall for Official Delegation includes assisting preparations for such travel, and making sure that national documents are kept secure at all points. Since VIP passengers often review confidential documents while inside the lounge, the Hall was seeking a solution that would allow its passengers to distribute confidential information in real time, and also block any possibility of data theft.


Knox Manage helps VIP passengers work securely

A combination of Samsung tablets, managed by Samsung’s cloud-based Knox Manage, were chosen as the key to solve this. The choice in favor of these devices was made due to the security of Knox platform embedded on Samsung tablets, and its in-house EMM (MDM) solution, Knox Manage.

Working on the majority of Samsung tablets and smartphones, the Knox platform guarantees device security starting at the hardware level. The chain of stringent security checks makes sure that the operating system or kernel has not been compromised, from the power-on of the device, and during run-time. The Hall could have peace of mind knowing that the devices always work in a secure environment, as Knox cuts off any unauthorized attempts to access the data. The global government security certifications the Knox platform holds was also a key factor — this includes certifications by the U.S. Department of Defense, UK NCSC, and France ANSSI.

Samsung’s Knox Manage solution was also used by the Hall’s IT team to control the tablets in a granular manner. Unnecessary, and possibly risky functions such as Screenshot, Mic, and GPS transmitter could be blocked on each device by IT. The enrollment of the tablets to Knox Manage was also automatically done over the air, with the support of Knox Mobile Enrollment. The ease of enrollment was another factor that made the IT team choose to work with Samsung.


Strictly secured and maintained with Samsung Knox solutions, the Samsung tablets have been placed at the Hall for Official Delegation to be used by top government personnel. Their VIP passengers can now travel without carrying a lot of paperwork – which makes it both easier and more secure.

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