Retailer combines offline and online shopping options with Samsung solution

To maintain its position as a retail leader in the Middle East, a leading company wanted to continue to offer a wide array of goods even as it moved to smaller physical stores. The retailer wanted its sales people to use mobile devices displaying all available products. The devices would add value, but the company was concerned about keeping the solution secure, up-to-date, and available only for work purposes.
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About the company
  • Industry: Retail
  • Company size: Large
  • Location: United Arab Emirates

A leading retailer was looking to offer its customers more products without expanding store square footage. Working with Samsung, they used Knox Configure’s Pro-Kiosk mode to set up 3,000 tablets in its showrooms, all locked to a company-specific retail app that presents its full product line. Now the chain can deploy smaller stores with reduced inventory, while still allowing their customers to peruse all its products.

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Strengthen retail leadership with a digital strategy

The rise of online shopping, which fosters more consumer choice, forced a leading Middle East retailer to adapt its operations to secure its market dominance.

The retailer planned to build an online store, but not an ordinary one. The store would provide access to its complete portfolio of products with exclusive pricing, but would be available only through special devices located in the company's physical outlets.

As a result, customers would be able to easily compare products and features across products, including warehouse-only items. The company would also be able to deploy smaller stores with a reduced physical inventory, in keeping with a regional trend built around small-footprint retail operations.

“By presenting warehouse-only options in our stores, the retailer expands its offerings without expanding store square footage,” says Maria Jennifer Clara Michael, solution presales manager at Samsung UAE. “Customers can easily find what they want with the features they want, at a price they’re willing to pay.”

The company wanted to start rolling out the digital devices to support the online channel, but needed to ensure that any devices stayed secure, up-to-date, and used only for sales purposes.


Knox Configure helps retailer expand beyond showroom

The retailer used Knox Configure to set up 3,000 Samsung tablets in showrooms, instantly expanding its traditional offline shopping experience to include an online component. These tablets offer a special retail web app to help employees present the company’s full line of products, exclusively for showroom visitors.

Knox Configure was the key to making the solution a success. With Knox Configure, the company’s IT staff could fine-tune and control device usage centrally, ensuring that the devices are used efficiently and to support showroom shoppers.

• The Pro-Kiosk mode feature locks each device to the default Samsung Internet browser allowing employees to use the Samsung tablets strictly as a portable product portfolio, while ensuring that visitors stayed focused on the retailer’s product lineup and not other web sites.

• With Knox Configure’s granular management ability, the company can also set all device’s web browser home page to its web store. This ensures that initial access is easy and that all tablets look the same and employees use them uniformly across all their stores.

• The retailer uses Knox Configure to further tailor the tablets. The company hides the settings menu to prevent users from reconfiguring the devices. The company also blocks screen captures to protect visitor-exclusive pricing details from leaking.

Best of all, the company configures its kiosk devices easily and seamlessly from a central IT location, thanks to Knox Configure’s frictionless out-of-the-box setup feature. Once a store manager opens the box and activates the device, the device automatically connects to the Knox Configure server, downloads the web store URL and specific management policies, and is ready for retail use.

By presenting warehouse-only options in our stores, the retailer expands its offerings without expanding store square footage.

-Maria Jennifer Clara Michael, Solution Presales Manager, Samsung UAE.

Samsung tools have given a major retailer a reliable way to navigate the world of digital retailing.

  • Improved inventory management

    The retailer saves money by moving to physical stores that are smaller than traditional stores, while still offering warehouse-only items. That reduces overhead caused by stocking all items in the catalog.

  • Keeping up with current shopping trends.

    The company now can take fuller advantage of the growth in online retail shopping infrastructure. It offers a digital store for their items, available to customers in showrooms. Customers can compare prices and opt for a lower priced item currently in a warehouse. Also, employees can engage directly with customers and show them product features and prices.

  • Greater convenience for customers.

    Shopping now is more convenient for customers, who can quickly find the products they desire and confirm they are getting the best deal available across models.

  • IT staff sees simple device management.

    IT staff does not need to spend much time managing thousands of devices. Using Knox Configure for tight configuration and out-of-the-box deployment, the devices are always under IT management.

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