Tarjeta Naranja uses Knox Configure to expand business beyond credit cards

Tarjeta Naranja wanted to move beyond traditional credit card operations and expand into new lines of business. The company launched an e-commerce marketplace with lifestyle products and developed a mobile app for its credit card customers. To deepen card holder engagement with its brand and ecommerce marketplace, Naranja promoted special Samsung phones at its online store with 0% financing only for credit card customers. The company used Samsung Knox Configure to rebrand and customize phones without manual IT effort and without opening phone boxes.
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About the company
  • Industry: Finance
  • Company size: Large
  • Location: Argentina

Tarjeta Naranja S.A. is Argentina’s leading credit card company with approximately 4 million customers and is based in Córdoba, Argentina. The company, founded in 1985, also offers loan and insurance products. Tarjeta Naranja S.A. is a subsidiary of Tarjetas Regionales S.A It has 250 branches and commercial offices. The company also operates Tienda Naranja, an e-commerce marketplace where partners can sell their products, ranging across many consumer categories including fashion, cosmetics, sports, furniture and electronics.

Knox solutions used
Knox Configure

Tending to existing customer base while transforming the business

Tarjeta Naranja is the top credit card issuer in the Argentina, with 4 million customers and 250 branches. The company, founded in 1985, also offers loans and insurance, but is expanding beyond financial products with the goal of becoming a lifestyle company. To get there, Naranja developed the Tienda Naranja e-commerce platform, available only for Naranja card holders.

Because Naranja also wanted to strengthen its existing business and retain credit card users, the company developed a new mobile card app to enhance the card holder experience. The app offers an easy way to solve all card-related customer needs, such as checking accounts, paying bills, analyzing recent consumption, applying for loans and requesting new cards.

To help communicate Naranja’s ambitious goals for expansion and sales, the company needed an engaging marketing strategy.


Knox Configure helps Naranja deliver customized phones out of the box

Working with Samsung, Naranja took steps to increase cardholder engagement and promote its transformation. The company offered Samsung smartphones on its ecommerce site with exclusive 0% financing options for its credit card customers—an unprecedented deal in Argentina.  Naranja didn’t want to simply entice customers with great prices, but also give them more reasons to engage with Naranja’s brand and ecommerce marketplace. The goal was to deliver customized Samsung phones, but without manual effort and without opening phone boxes.

Knox Configure makes it painless to create and deliver the customizations. Naranja creates a profile in the web- based Knox Configure console to easily design a Naranja experience across tens of thousands of devices. When customers connect their new device to the network for the first time, the Knox Configure server recognizes the phone and automatically downloads the custom configurations.

What customers see first is the Naranja logo, enabled through Knox Configure as boot-up animation each time they restart their device. The automatic branding helps Naranja easily and cost-effectively promote Naranja’s offerings. Phones also automatically install the Naranja credit card app, displayed at a precise place on each phone, which encourages Naranja customers to get started with the new card app.

With Knox Configure, we had the means to deliver a unique and new Naranja product line without overworking our IT team.

-Nicolás Alsina, Tarjeta Naranja

The ability to offer a Naranja-branded Samsung smartphone to customers at extremely competitive financing terms has delivered a host of benefits from a rebranding, business expansion and sales perspective:

  • Overall mobile phone sales on Naranja’s ecommerce site have grown by 400 percent since its partnership with Samsung, with already-strong Samsung sales growing by 30 percent.
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty is up. In customer surveys, the Net Promoter Score was 71, which is nearly double the market average. Customers satisfaction was also high, with a customer effort score of 96 out of 100.

“We’re excited about the progress of our business transformation, seeing the surge in customers wanting to purchase consumer products like phones from us and as well, the demand in mobile transactions,” says Alsina. “We would not have met our goals without Samsung and Knox Configure.”

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