Dubai company drives operational efficiency with Samsung solution

Imdaad, a Dubai-based facilities management company, wanted to streamline operations and improve the way the company assigned driver routes. Each morning, the company issued drivers paper route maps for waste pickups. But managers wished to adjust routes in process and add new instructions without tracking down drivers by wireless phone.
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About the company
  • Industry: Utility
  • Company size: Large
  • Location: Dubai

Imdaad LLC is owned by Investment Corporation of Dubai and is comprised of a group of companies which provide integrated and sustainable facilities management services. Established in 2007, Imdaad provides integrated, sustainable facilities management services with site offices and branches across the UAE, including Abu Dhabi.


Finding a better way to dispatch drivers

Imdaad offers waste-management services with a fleet of 2,000 trucks. The company provides integrated, sustainable facilities management services with site offices and branches across the UAE.

Managers determine driver routes and until recently, printed maps and instructions each day for Imdaad drivers. Paper maps made it difficult to calculate the quickest, most efficient routes. That meant drivers were not always able to finish their routes on time.

To improve its operational efficiency and customer service, Imdaad wanted to move to digital maps and provide drivers more flexible tools. Managers believed that using a mobile device such as a tablet would make drivers more productive, but wanted to ensure drivers used the tablets only for work. They also wanted the ability to track the tablets if they were lost or misplaced.

Imdaad was using its own fleet management application, SAHAL, in one subsidiary, and wanted a solution it could use across all operations.

Imdaad engaged Samsung with the goal of using Samsung devices and its industry-leading device-management solutions to help transition smoothly to a new technology.


Samsung solution supports transformation

Working with Samsung, Imdaad abandoned paper maps and went fully digital. It deployed hundreds of Samsung Galaxy devices with custom truck-routing software—developed by Imdaad—to all of its Dubai drivers.

The new solution includes features that help Imdaad better manage its waste-pickup system. For one thing, device enrollment in the Imdaad system is automated. Once drivers open the box and turn on their devices, Imdaad uses Knox Mobile Enrollment—the free Samsung tool for enrolling multiple devices to an enterprise mobile management (EMM) system—to match devices to the correct policies based on the assigned profile.

Imdaad uses Knox Manage, an easy-to-use EMM solution that’s part of the Knox portfolio. Knox Manage automatically downloads Imdaad’s route map app based on the device profile. Using both Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Manage, devices remain managed by Imdaad IT staff at all times, even after a malicious factory reset.

Each tablet is refreshed daily with new route information and shows drivers the most efficient routes to take. With the devices in hand, drivers now have accurate route information at all times. Managers and supervisors also use tablets to see how drivers are progressing on their routes.

Imdaad also actively uses Knox Manage features to control and manage device use.

  • Using location- and time-based policies, for example, Imdaad can designate a time and location and apply different policies. For instance, drivers can use the tablets with fewer restrictions when on company property.
  • To ensure drivers are using the tablets as intended, the IT team also takes advantage of Knox Manage’s multi- app kiosk feature. IT staff selects which apps drivers can use and the tablets effectively function as kiosks, installing and running only those apps.
  • IT also disables a device when its SIM card is removed using Knox Manage’s SIM lock feature. This feature, along with location tracking, helps minimize any possible device theft.

Finally, Knox Manage’s Remote Support tool helps the company support remote users immediately. The feature provides full access to the devices, as if the IT administrators were using the devices themselves. It helps IT easily troubleshoot any app and tablet issues.

Devices always are up-to-date and secure, and IT administrators now solve device problems remotely, keeping drivers and devices operating in the field.

-Ilkhom Akramov, Head of Solutions, Samsung UAE

Imdaad has transformed its fleet-management system with Knox Manage, resulting in more-efficient drivers and even happier customers. Now, devices always are secure and updated. Managers spend less time addressing driver problems and more time building the Imdaad business. Finally, Imdaad is able to offer enhanced services, including remote support for drivers.

  • More efficient route-planning

    Imdaad drivers now complete their routes more efficiently because their Samsung devices always have the latest maps and pick-up locations. Moreover, the Imdaad mapping app calculates the shortest route that covers all pickups, so drivers are able to make more pickups in the same amount of time.

  • 100% route completion

    Using RFID and NFC tagging at each pickup, drivers now achieve 100 percent route completion. That means supervisors spend much less time tracking drivers. They can see route progress in real time and if needed, additional drivers can be immediately dispatched to problem areas.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    Instead of uncollected garbage that accumulates, customer waste is removed on schedule. This leads to happier customers and fewer complaints.


“Knox Manage and Knox Mobile Enrollment are powerful tools to deploy devices fast and help guide operations,” says Ilkhom Akramov, Head of Solutions at Samsung UAE. “The software simplifies a company's ability to manage driver devices. Devices always are up-to-date and secure, and IT administrators can solve device problems remotely, keeping drivers and devices operating in the field.”

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