Securely sharing medical records with Knox Configure

Home health organizations are increasingly equipping healthcare workers with tablets to remotely access electronic health records. These workers require access to electronic health records at client homes, and need to share patient data with the home office in real time. However, one medical network discovered its workers were using their work tablets as personal devices, unintentionally putting patient data at risk. They chose Knox Configure to protect against internal threats and better manage their fleet of devices.
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About the company
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Company size: Medium
  • Location: United States

Our client is a non-profit hospital network based in the US, with a team of roving healthcare workers who visit patients at their home.

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Knox Configure

Streamline workflows without compromising security

When a non-profit hospital network discovered home health workers were using their work tablets as personal devices — unintentionally putting patient data at risk in the process — IT leaders realized they needed a better mobile security strategy. Additionally, devices were frequently being stolen from care providers’ cars, so technicians required the ability to remotely wipe information. For everyday operations, they needed a faster way to recycle devices between users. Technicians were driving up to six hours to the data center every time something needed to change hands, and then completing a lengthy reset process.


More control over devices

To strengthen their security strategy, the network deployed more than 700 Samsung Galaxy tablets paired with Knox Configure to their home health workers. Samsung Knox, a defense-grade, security platform built from the chip up, keeps the tablets secure while allowing systems administrators to customize device look and feel, remove bloatware and more — essentially putting devices into a single-purpose kiosk mode. All this can be done remotely and automatically using APIs, eliminating the need for IT technicians to manually reset and restore each device, or even touch the devices after the initial setup.

We originally thought about switching to iOS, because iOS was easier for us to manage and maintain with Apple Depth, but our home health application only supports Android. That’s when we found out that Samsung had Knox Configure, and I was seriously overjoyed to find out Configure is just like Apple Depth but on steroids.

- Health network IT manager

Today, the network has more than 700 home health tablets running Knox Configure. A year after implementation, the organization has already noted several key benefits:

  • Fast and secure data wiping

    Manually recycling devices between users can easily take 45 minutes. With Knox Configure, a simple factory reset between users ensures all data is removed from the device. Then custom configurations and apps get automatically loaded onto the device, reducing recycle time by up to 75 percent.

  • Enhanced productivity

    The network’s technicians no longer need to make a six-hour drive to take tablets to the data center. Now, when care providers are replaced, technicians can remotely wipe the devices so the local home office is ready to pass them along to new users.

  • Consistent user experience

    Home health workers aren’t the only ones at the network who use Samsung mobile devices. “I needed consistency across all my environments,” said the manager. “I like Samsung because it doesn’t matter if I pick up a phone or a tablet, I’m still getting a similar menu and model. We don’t allow any other Androids in here.”

  • Ease of use

    The manager said the learning curve was short. “Knox Configure was super easy for me to set up. I had a few hurdles to get through, and I learned early on to download applications like the package view and the APK extractor to get the help I needed. I’ve only placed two Knox Configure support calls, and those problems were resolved quickly.”

In the near future, the network system plans to upgrade to the Knox Configure Dynamic edition, which will enable them to change the custom configuration and automatically push updates out to devices in the field.

Quick & simple device tailoring
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