Austrian taxi expert modernizes with Samsung devices and services

FMS, a dominant force in the European taxi industry, wanted to modernize its technology and capabilities as more passengers used smartphones to find, order, and pay for rides. Existing FMS vehicle equipment was expensive for drivers, impossible to use outside the taxi, and difficult to manage. Customers increasingly demanded new forms of cashless payment the technology couldn’t enable.
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About the company
  • Industry: Transportation
  • Company size: Large
  • Location: Austria

FMS, a taxi company based in Austria and operating across Europe, was seeking to modernize its technology to allow customers with smartphones to find, order, and pay for rides. Samsung supplied FMS with ruggedized phones and tablets, and FMS customized these with Knox Configure to run their in-house solution. The company can now deploy and update devices from a central location over the air, leading to simplified device management, and an improved experience for drivers and customers.

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Digitally transforming taxi operations

FMS’s business challenge was to adapt to a mobile world where people increasingly rely on their smartphones to find and order rides. Unlike ride-hailing apps, FMS differentiates itself through the customer service and solutions it provides local businesses. The company also enables passengers to order taxis multiple ways, including by phone, app, web, automatic booking device, or dispatch center. The company attracts drivers by offering vehicle equipment, payment, billing, and bookkeeping solutions.

“FMS technology rises above the competition, since we offer much more than ride-hailing apps,” says Robert Abel, FMS CEO, “and compete on the strength of our services.”

FMS was ready for transformation, however, and its IT team set out to modernize its once cutting-edge technology.

The existing FMS vehicle equipment was mostly heavy and docked to vehicles, which made it expensive for drivers and challenging to manage. The equipment also needed updated connectivity options to connect with the newer cloud-based FMS solution. FMS wanted to meet these requirements:

  • Modern equipment to digitize the entire process used by drivers and take full advantage of cloud-based systems.

  • Easy-to-carry devices that would allow drivers to connect with FMS even outside of their taxis or if they changed vehicles. Because the new equipment would be highly portable with the potential for theft or loss, it needed to be more secure and centrally controlled.

  • Ability to ensure the devices successfully ran the new FMS solution and were used only for designated purposes.


Samsung helps the FMS IT team better connect with drivers, customers

That is where Samsung came in, with a solution that met both hardware and software requirements. Samsung supplied FMS with ruggedized mobile devices, as well as services to transform the tablets and phones into purpose- fit devices using cloud-based technology. Employees now can choose from three different Samsung devices, ready to use out-of-the-box with FMS apps and other tools drivers need. FMS can ensure that their IT team has central control of all the devices throughout Europe.

“The overall smartness of our solution depends on the driver using a premium, reliable, controllable device,“ says Robert Abel, FMS CEO. “Samsung is the only premium partner in the market that can offer the robust devices we need for in vehicle use and the control for our use cases with Samsung Knox technology.”

Samsung’s Knox Configure was key to helping FMS gain control of its devices. Knox Configure now helps FMS in a variety of ways:

  • ProKiosk mode locks the device into the FMS app and transforms the mobile device to function as FMS- dedicated equipment. By locking the device to use the FMS app, FMS prevents users from accidentally downloading malware or other misuse—which in turn helps keep transactions secure.

  • With Knox Configure’s cloud-based console, FMS can manage driver devices from a central location and secure against unauthorized use. FMS can use the console to resolve issues with stolen or lost devices by remotely tracking or wiping devices.

  • Device deployment is easy with Knox Configure’s auto- enrollment feature and requires little effort by drivers. Any device FMS registers using the Knox Configure console sets itself up automatically after initial boot-up. Also, if there are any changes to the FMS mobile solution or policy updates, the IT team, can push the updates over the air from a central location and ensure that all devices are under control.

“The overall smartness of our solution depends on the driver using a premium, reliable, controllable device. Samsung is the only premium partner in the market that can offer the robust devices we need for in vehicle use and the control for our use cases with Samsung Knox technology.” 

-Robert Abel, FMS CEO

The FMS IT team successfully evolved its technology to deliver many of the same benefits available with modern ride-hailing apps popular with consumers, while continuing to offer the services that set it apart. Along with improving productivity, FMS has helped deepen customer satisfaction.

  • Improved driver experience

    Samsung devices used by FMS drivers are customized for drivers, resulting in a great user experience for drivers out of the box and wide acceptance. The solution costs less for drivers, and drivers can learn of pickup requests even when they are outside their vehicle. Devices can be easily transferred between vehicles, and they are more reliable and easier to repair or replace as needed.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    FMS customers can use additional methods to book and pay for the FMS taxi services they have come to trust. Hotels and restaurants also can book taxis more easily for their patrons.

  • Simpler device management

    FMS can easily deploy the Samsung Knox solution to its drivers, and the cloud-based technology is flexible and designed to grow.

  • More business data, reduced costs

    Central staff can more easily track drivers and understand customer patterns. Driver devices are secured against unauthorized use that would make drivers less productive or safe, and also better protected against theft or loss. And they can continue to take advantage of all the services FMS offers, including bookkeeping.

FMS GmbH and Samsung plan to expand their collaboration and will continue to develop the solution on the latest Samsung devices.

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