Transforming field operations while protecting business data

Cervecería Nacional, the largest beverage company in Panama, wanted to transform operations to support sales at customer locations and manage inventory in real-time. Smartphones and a new app to be used in the field got the process started, but the company also needed to protect its confidential business data and reduce skyrocketing data costs.
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About the company
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Company size: Large
  • Location: Panama

Cervecería Nacional is the largest beverage company in Panama with around 5,000 employees. The company was officially formed in 1939, when three Panamanian breweries decided to join together. The company has local brands of beer, soft drinks, malt and bottled water and operates through two production plants, 10 distribution centers, and a corporate center.


Security and cost concerns hamper digital transformation

Cervecería Nacional began working toward an ambitious technological transformation a few years ago to remain competitive and address customer needs throughout the country. The company wanted to improve field operations by collecting and sharing up-to-date information for sales, customer service, and inventory control.

They deployed a new mobile app to support onsite sales and manage inventories at vending machines and warehouse with Samsung phones.

The app helped with operations, but presented a new problem. Providing broader operational access to unprotected, uncontrolled devices and data represented too much liability. Cervecería risked losing valuable business data if phones were lost or stolen. Also, the mobile solution was costing more than expected. Sellers were exceeding data usage caps, which automatically reduced mobile data speed. Because sluggish data speed affected their ability to work, sellers then contacted IT. Support tickets piled up.

The company quickly realized it needed to control data consumption and reduce the volume of support tickets. Executives also wanted to monitor employees’ geographical location to keep workers safe and collect operational data, including updated inventory numbers based on onsite sales. Most of all, Cervecería needed the ability to prevent unauthorized access if the phones were lost or stolen.


Knox Manage improves security, control, and management of phones

The company decided to implement Knox Manage, a complete enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution that provides additional layers of control. The Samsung phones are built on the Samsung Knox platform, which protects each device and its data while in use. With Knox Manage, Cervecería adds the ability to monitor and manage devices in the field and secure corporate data.

Knox Manage makes it easy for IT to track devices from a cloud-based console. As soon as a phone is reported missing, the company can quickly locate the device, lock it, remotely wipe the device, or restrict its use. The same tracking feature also helps locate employees when needed, for safety reasons or to ensure that workers are meeting their schedules.

IT can better manage how field workers use phones to minimize personal use and resulting data overages. With Knox Manage, IT remotely sets limits for mobile data and restricts which apps workers can install and which domains users can access. The team also set and enforce policies to prevent users from tethering additional devices to the company phone to use its data or removing the SIM card to go offline.

The company also was able to simplify device configuration and management. Instead of manually updating phones, IT can remotely install applications, change security and other settings, and troubleshoot user issues, all from the cloud-based console. To get locked-down phones into the hands of field workers fast, the company uses Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment to link all devices to the EMM policies, even after a factory reset.

This allows Cervecería to deploy ready-to-use devices and is especially beneficial when the company needs to hand off a device from one user to another.

“We need equipment able to withstand a certain level of abuse and Samsung does it quite well,” says David Strang, technology operations manager at Cervecería. “This platform brings value to the company and confidence to our customers. It is important to emphasize the exceptional support we received from Samsung.”

Our partnership with Samsung has made a substantial difference in our ability to support sales at customer locations and manage inventory in real time.

-David Strang, Technology Operations Manager, Cervecería

With the complete Samsung solution, including Knox Manage, Cervecería Nacional was able to benefit from a broader set of controls and a platform with proven defense-grade security that blocks unauthorized users.

The company is now positioned to reap the benefits of its digital strategy with fewer risks. It is using mobile apps to improve business processes and productivity for managing inventory at retail locations around the country, while ensuring strong security and control of the phones in the field.

  • Expedite digital transformation

    Knox Manage has made it possible for the company to benefit from the up-to-date data needed for sales and inventory management in the field. IT can bring workers online with new devices faster and manage the devices remotely, with minimal effort. The team uses the Samsung tools to issue new phones and deploy settings and changes to all devices at once. This saves more than 50 hours a month, giving IT more time to spend on business-driving activities.

  • Decreased corporate risk

    Cervecería is better positioned to protect its business data and assets, no matter what happens to the phones. The company can now locate and wipe misplaced devices remotely, which adds confidence that data will not end up in the wrong hands.

  • Reduced costs

    Support tickets and calls are down, saving money and giving IT workers more time to innovate and assist with business-critical projects. By controlling worker data use and application access, the company has also eliminated data overage fees, decreasing overall smartphone costs by 10%.

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