BaptistCare partners with Samsung for a personalized aged care solution

Facing the prospect of an aging fleet of mobile devices, BaptistCare were in search of a customizable solution that would enable its remote workforce to work with greater efficiency and help them feel connected while out on the road.
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About the company
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Company size: Medium
  • Location: Australia

BaptistCare NSW & ACT is a leading not-for-profit aged care provider operating across New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), employing more than 4,000 staff, with a further 1000 volunteers. Through personalized and individual care, BaptistCare aims to help elderly Australians maintain independence while empowering and enabling them to live life to the fullest.

Knox solutions used
Knox Configure

Finding secure yet simple-to-use devices

As a not-for-profit, community service at the core of BaptistCare’s mission. In addition to aged care and home services, BaptistCare provides community housing, food support, counselling and family support services, for people in need.

In order to support a workforce of some employees who have not grown up working with mobile devices, meant that any new technology needed to be easy to use and have a seamless customer experience. BaptistCare needed a solution that would not only give them the freedom to build their ideal device, but also helped provide the peace of mind that confidential and personal data would be secure.

Faced with a workforce spread across both regional and metropolitan areas of Australia, BaptistCare required a rollout that would see minimum disruption and maximum employee engagement.


Building brand and trust through Knox

For BaptistCare, Knox from Samsung turns a mobile device from just a communication tool into a direct and central link to the organization. The ability to customize each Samsung Galaxy device through Knox means that when careworkers turns on the device while out on the road, the first thing they see on the screen is “BaptistCare – Care you Can Trust”.

For staff who are constantly away from the office, the device acts as an important connection back to the organization. Small branding exercises enabled via Knox means that BaptistCare does not only make their devices easy to use, but also uses branding to connect each employee back to the organization in a personal way.

The customizable nature of Knox Configure also means that carers receive a device which is programmed and tailored to their specific needs. The ability to not only preconfigure the phone but also only deploy devices with only the required apps for the task at hand, means that carers can navigate the device easily, while also helping to ensure efficiency through a streamlined solution.

Having a team of Samsung staff working alongside our team meant that we could rollout the new devices on a wider scale, which really made a difference in ensuring minimum disruption and maximum engagement. It demonstrated that Samsung are not only happy to supply the products but also to get their hands dirty and give us a genuine helping hand.

-Mark Hunter, IT Operations Manager – Business Technology Solutions

In order to maximize up-take for the roll-out, Samsung and BaptistCare capitalized on the rare opportunity of a large volume of workers from across regional areas in NSW and the ACT culminating at a staff conference, and used this as the first opportunity to deploy 80 devices to home care facilities.

Following the last session of the day, six Samsung staff, including two senior managers, joined the BaptistCare IT team to issue the new devices, swapping out the old ones and answering any number of questions about the devices or software. Importantly, the mass rollout not only ensured all attendees had the newest device, but that they understood how to use the technology and could ask any questions, right there and then.

Following the initial rollout, a further 920 devices needed to be prepared and provisioned with Knox Configure. To help with the transition, a team of six skilled Samsung staff once again joined the BaptistCare team to ensure all devices were set up and ready to go within one working day.

The mass rollout was also BaptistCare’s first time using Knox. To ensure a smooth transition, Samsung staff were available for training sessions to explain the full capabilities of the new solution.

For BaptistCare’s IT team, having Samsung experts come into the business meant that there wasn’t a requirement to reassign IT staff from their normal day-to-day operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and essentially, no loss in revenue.

Quick & simple device tailoring
Remotely configure a large number of devices and tailor them to specific needs.
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