No matter where life takes you

Samsung designed Knox to protect your data from the minute you turn on your device, through work and play and everything in between. See the many ways Samsung Knox has you covered throughout your day.

All day with Samsung Knox

The Samsung Knox platform lives in your phone and is always working to protect your data. See how other Samsung apps leverage this platform to help you across your day.

Before work
Before work

Safely pay with your phone

On your way to work, you buy a coffee with Samsung Pay, which secures your financial information with the secure Knox platform. Through constant monitoring, Samsung Knox ensures your card information is encrypted in a separate and secure data vault at all times.

Secure your health data

As you walk out the coffee shop, you add the coffee to your nutrition goals in Samsung Health. This app helps you track your weight, steps taken, caloric intake, and even blood glucose levels, and all this and other health data is fully protected by Samsung Knox.

During work
During work

Safeguard your work data

Your company IT admin has set up Knox Workspace on your phone, and all your work apps and data are safely stored in a secure container. You can feel confident that your work data will remain secure while your personal information, outside the container, will remain private.

After work
After work

Shield your personal data

As you leave work, you open Secure Folder to access your favorite banking app. Hosting it in Secure Folder’s guarded container allows you to hide it from other apps on the home screen, while gaining an additional layer of security.

Protect your identity

You log in to your bank app with the Iris scanner on your phone using Samsung Pass, which provides a simple and secure ‘identity management as-a-service’. Samsung Knox ensures your biometric data is encrypted and kept intact, so only you have access.