The right tools for the job

Whether you manage a small business or a large government organization, Samsung Knox can help make you save time and headaches.

The IT journey


An IT department receives 100 brand new smartphones for new hires. The devices can stay in their boxes. Thanks to the Knox Deployment Program, the device IDs have already been uploaded to the Knox cloud server by the device reseller.




An IT admin creates a profile on the cloud-based Knox Configure to set up the devices, including settings for corporate WiFi, APN, bootup animations, home screen customization, and so much more.

10:00 AM


On the Knox Mobile Enrollment console, the IT admin selects the EMM the company is using, and registers default IDs and passwords for the 100 new employees.

10:30 AM


On the company’s EMM console, the IT admin creates an EMM profile, including corporate IT policies and a secure container, to push to the 100 new devices.

11:00 AM


Each device is managed and secured by Knox Platform for Enterprise, which provides IT with government-certified data encryption, advanced VPN, and powerful tools to manage and monitor corporate devices and data traffic usage. IT can even choose to deploy an on-device container to separate work and personal data.

11:30 AM

All done automatically

The devices are ready to distribute to new employees. After unboxing and turning them on, the devices automatically connect to the network and the Knox server automatically pushes your company's device profile. Your employees see:

6 months later


A new Android version is available. The IT admin tests the company’s in-house apps with this new version to ensure they’re compatible. Satisfied, he pushes out the newly tested Android binary to all employees using the company EMM console.