Knox IT solutions

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Knox IT solutions

Samsung Knox offers a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution portfolio for IT admins to address business needs throughout the entire device life cycle.

Cloud Solutions

Device platform


Knox Configure

Quick & simple device setup and rebranding, out of the box

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Automated & enforced EMM enrollment, out of the box


Knox Manage

Cross-platform EMM, highly optimized for Samsung devices

Samsung E-FOTA

Versatile OS version control and management


Knox Platform for Enterprise

Multi-layered defense-grade security platform from the hardware up, designed for enterprise

Android Enterprise

Advanced security platform for enterprise

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Apply comprehensive security and management features to corporate Samsung devices.

  • Robust data protection when using Android for work purposes
  • Comprehensive device management
  • Granular device monitoring and control
  • Versatile credential and certificate management
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Quick & simple device tailoring

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Remotely configure a large number of devices and tailor them to specific needs.

  • Configure and customize Samsung Android phones, tablets, and Tizen wearables out-of-the box
  • Place your brand on Samsung devices, including custom boot animations
  • Create dedicated devices for kiosks point-of-sale
  • Advanced device configurations, including granular connectivity settings
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Automated EMM enrollment

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Add thousands of Samsung devices to your MDM/EMM at once, without manually enrolling each one.

  • Out-of-the-box MDM/EMM/UEM enrollment
  • Free to use, no trial needed
  • Enforced re-enrollment, even after factory reset
  • Android Enterprise Device Owner (DO) mode support
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Powerful EMM made easy

powerful emm made easy

Manage a fleet of devices with a cloud-based MDM/ EMM solution.

  • Manage and monitor Android, Windows, and iOS devices
  • Simple and easy-to-use user experience for IT admins
  • Comprehensive Android Enterprise support
  • Highly optimized performance for Samsung devices
powerful emm made easy

Versatile OS version control


A FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air) service that lets you remotely control Android versions of deployed Samsung devices.

  • Remotely control mandatory OS versions and security updates
  • Zero-touch updates without end-user interaction
  • Schedule specific timed updates across all managed devices
  • Stable OS deployments for business apps

How to use Knox IT solutions in your industry



The strictly regulated finance industry requires stable and trusted end-to-end solutions for the monetary protection of their customers. Which makes Knox solutions such as Knox Platform for Enterprise and Knox Configure a popular choice.

See how KB Financial Group in Korea created its own set of smartphones with preinstalled banking apps.



Government agencies are increasingly dependent on mobile devices for business, and the security of their data is paramount considering their value to cybercriminals. Government employees need assurances that the mobile devices they use are safe from tracking, cyberattacks, or malicious apps.

See how one election oversight agency chose Knox Manage to secure their employee devices for its elections.



Improve the patient experience by empowering your healthcare providers with purpose-built devices that streamline their workflow. With Knox Configure, you can customize tablets to store and share confidential patient data, while removing unwanted apps that distract workers.

See how one healthcare provider benefitted from Knox Configure.



Expedite the manufacturing process with managed devices that can securely share design specs and customer information between teams. With Knox Platform for Enterprise, IT admins can centrally manage and secure Samsung devices with government-grade hardware encryption, while blacklisting and whitelisting appropriate business apps. This way, confidential data is always secure.

See how Austrian manufacturer Anton Paar benefitted from Knox Platform for Enterprise.

Public safety

Public safety

Samsung Knox solutions allow your IT admins to deploy secure devices to your personnel to employees.

The Knox platform has been approved by leading government agencies such as the US National Security Agency, giving public safety personnel such as police officers, firefighters, and first responders the confidence and security they need to share sensitive information.

See how Waterloo Regional Police Services is using Knox Platform for Enterprise.



Whether it’s about engaging fans online, creating powerful kiosk experiences in stadium, or securely sharing confidential playbooks amongst team members, professional sports teams across the globe are recognizing the value of Knox solutions.

See how a world-renowned soccer team used Knox Configure to create unique, team-branded versions of Samsung Galaxy phones.



Easily track driver locations and lost or stolen devices with Knox Manage, our cloud-based device management solution. With this versatile solution, IT admins at transport companies can remotely manage any Android, iOS or Windows 10 device, and regulate usage so drivers stay on task.

See how MiCab, a mobile app based in the Philippines, has benefitted from using Knox Manage.

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