KennisisKracht Service B.V.


  • Knox license reseller
  • Knox MSP

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KennisisKracht Service B.V.



  • Knox license reseller
  • Knox MSP


We bridge the gap between IT technology and seamless mobile device usage, ensuring a smooth experience for our clients in both healthcare and commerce sectors. Our aim is to empower all employees to work safely, comfortably, and efficiently with smartphones, tablets, and laptops from their first day to their last, day in, day out.To achieve this, we immerse ourselves deeply in understanding our clients' needs. Every workflow, every desire, and every frustration - we want to hear them all. We connect all insights together to create a setup that strikes the best balance between people, processes, and technology, making your organization responsive.As a Managed Service Provider, we offer robust and flexible management capabilities through Knox solutions and Samsung devices. Working closely with Samsung's technical and functional specialists, we configure and guide all aspects of the Knox portfolio.If mobile devices are indispensable in your organization, KiKS is your cornerstone.


  • Automated/mandatory EMM enrollment (Knox Mobile Enrollment)
  • Manage and monitor devices (Knox Manage)
  • Control OS version updates (Knox E-FOTA)
  • Get in-depth usage analytics (Knox Asset Intelligence)
  • Pre-configure devices out-of-the-box (Knox Configure)
  • Remote wipe/reset for corporate data (Knox Guard)
  • Device protection plan for repairs/damage (Samsung Care+ for Business)


  • Knox Suite
  • Knox Platform for Enterprise
  • Knox Manage
  • Knox E-FOTA
  • Knox Configure
  • Knox Asset Intelligence
  • Knox Guard
  • Enterprise Technical Support
  • Samsung Care+ for Business


Certified by Samsung Knox Expert

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