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Smargav FieldX

Manage, monitor & troubleshoot anything on the Field

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Solution category: Enterprise mobility management
Supported device types: Smartphone,Tablet,Wearable
Sales region: Global
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FieldX is an ultimate device management solution tailored specifically for Android devices. Our software supports both off-the-shelf devices and customized android devices. Our solution has been deployed on a large number of Android phones, tablets, TV and AR/VR glasses. Provisioning devices through FieldX is a breeze. Our customers provision one device in ~3 minutes time. Our Bulk register feature ensures that all the apps & policies are downloaded automatically the moment device is enrolled with FieldX.

We provide both Serverside APIs as well as App-To-App integration APIs. This ensures that your business app on Samsung device can send commands to FieldX agent on the device itself further ensuring quick actions on the device without waiting for a network connection. One of the most unique features of FieldX is to control the devices through SMS. In case of no internet connection, the devices can be controlled via SMS to ensure that the MDM operates smoothly and works as desired.All the features above combined with Samsung Knox APIs make FieldX an even better solution suited for your business.

Our clients use FieldX for – Kids Phone Business, Secure Phone Business, Renting Phones & Tablets, managing AR/VR headsets and many more.

Key features

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  • Manage, Monitor and Troubleshoot any Android Devices.
  • Policies tailored specifically to keep devices secure.
  • Remote Screen View & Debug Terminal Shell for advanced troubleshooting.
  • More than 100+ Restrictions/Policies that can be applied on the devices.
  • Supports Samsung KNOX SDK out-of-the-box.

Samsung differentiators

Our entire solution is superimposed using Knox SDK. We use Knox APIs for:

  • KME Provisioning: QR code & WiFi based through Knox Configurator App.
  • Apps Management: Blacklist, whitelist, suspend or hide apps.
  • Proxy Management: Add global proxy & PAC files.
  • Certificate Management: Install certificates in trusted store.
  • VPN Management: Toggle VPN and set it as 'Always on'.
  • Device Restrictions: Prevent factory reset, hard reset, boot to soft mode, disable boot to recovery mode.
  • Kiosk Mode: Restrict device to kiosk mode, disable other apps.
  • Buttons Control: Disable/Allow controlling hardbuttons such as Volume, Power, etc.
  • Samsung Remote Control: for troubleshooting devices.
  • Restriction Policies: Control BT, WiFi, USB, OTA, Power saving mode, and many more.