Partner solution

RaonCorp OneGuard

Key features

  • Mobile device and application management
  • Manage security policy settings by the organization, user, and terminal
  • Supports multi-factor authentication such as FIDO biometric authentication and OTP Mobile access control management
  • Response management for Hacking, malicious code and OS forgery


OneGuard is a next-generation smart work security platform that protects a company's critical information assets on a variety of corporate and private-owned access devices.

Enterprise security policies can be established for each organization, user, and terminal in detail, and able to control various access devices physically as well as application control. Also, a flexible and powerful security system can be built by implementing Multi-Factor Authentication using biometric information.

It is equipped with a self-developed mobile anti-virus solution to protect corporate information by real-time detection that responds to external threats such as hacking, malicious codes, and forged or falsified OS.

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