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Proget Watchman

Key features

  • Advanced notifications
  • Graphic popups
  • Functionality block
  • App block
  • Device block


Watchman helps protect rented or leased mobile devices against theft, fraud or late return. The platform automatically binds devices via IMEI or Serial Number and registers them into the system each time a user restores a device to factory settings. Through a simple and intuitive administration console available in the browser, an administrator can manage thousands of devices at the same time.

The Watchman enables the preparation and distribution of advanced notifications to connected devices. An administrator can prepare content that will be delivered to the device. Notifications are fully customizable and can be adapted to the use case in which Watchman is operating. E.g. A notification could be sent to inform user about a return date or about an upcoming due payment.

If notifications are not enough, the Watchman system administrator can prepare policies that push restrictions on the devices. The first of them can disable device functions such as: SMS, outgoing calls, NFC, Bluetooth or camera. The second can block any applications on the user's device. In extreme cases, you can also lock the device by displaying a configurable message on the locked screen.

The system supports devices with Android. Samsung devices are secured using Knox Guard which ensures the highest level of protection.

End customers for our solution are: Carriers, leasing companies, DaaS companies.

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